Voice: The Newest Interface for Your Smart Home

Voice: The Newest Interface for Your Smart Home

Utilizing one type of interface to control your home is not always ideal. You may want a handheld, tactile remote to enjoy your video experience in the living room, a touch screen with a large display in the kitchen to browse and play music throughout the home, a keypad next to the garage door that allows you to shut the entire house down with one touch as you head out, and a smartphone or a watch on your wrist to offer insight to what is going on at home while you’re away.

In a Control4 Smart Home, interfaces are designed to deliver the most beautiful and intuitive interactions, with immediate access from wherever you might be in (or out of) your home—and with a consistent look and feel across all devices.

But now, we are excited to announce yet another method of interaction within your home.

Amazon Alexa is now integrated with Control4 to offer further personalization of your smart home experience. Now, you can enjoy hands-free automation throughout the entire home, utilizing the incredibly popular Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and/or FireTV devices.

With a simple voice command, enjoy a helping hand while you prepare a meal, set the perfect mood for dinner guests, queue up movie night for the family, even get the whole house ready for bed.

Whether you want to control a single device, such as bringing up or down a single light to the ideal level or adjusting the thermostat from bed, or activate an entire scene that handles many lights in unison with the shades, music, and more, it’s never been easier or more convenient.

Watch the video to see it in action!


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