3 Great Playlists for Fall

3 Great Playlists for Fall

Use Your Whole House Music System for Special Occasions

The holiday season is such an exciting time of year, and there’s no better way to entertain and relax than with music. Is your audio system ready for the upcoming months filled with family gatherings and fun parties with friends? A whole house music system can take a lot of the work out of it. How? Automation allows you to plan your playlists ahead of time and couple them with other settings in your Carmel, IN smart home. Continue reading to learn more.

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Music is a key part of hosting a swanky cocktail party with friends. First, create your playlist or pick a themed station from Pandora or Spotify and play the music as guests arrive at your door. Couple the music with a lighting setting that dims the lights and keeps the shades down to maintain privacy in your home. You can add in other settings for your thermostat and security too to make your party perfect.


Play soft instrumental music for a dinner party. Or, if it’s Thanksgiving dinner, play the radio so everyone can listen to the football game loud and clear. It’s easy to change the music from one channel to the next using your smartphone or with a touchpad hanging on the wall in the kitchen. Navigate to softer music for dining and then the radio for that game everyone is anticipating.

Fun and Games

Whether you are simply watching a movie or playing board games, the sound system can enhance your night of fun. Play top hits from Tidal in high-resolution quality while you guess your teams’ secret word in Guesstures. If it gets too loud, just turn down the volume by saying, “Alexa turn the volume down to 50%” with voice controls and Alexa. If your group decides to play a movie, you can use a surround sound system to bring everyone together for the remainder of the evening.


After a tiring week of fun, games, and gatherings you are going to need some R&R. Take a bubble bath and stream some relaxing jazz music while you relax in the bathroom. Your speaker won’t even get wet because we’ll install it in the ceiling away from the water and bubbles. Or, wind down with a movie in your home theater. Lastly, with a listening room, you can read a book with some tunes or just sip on a glass of wine while you look out the window and catch up on a new album that was just released. Purchase the songs, and they will be automatically added to your music system via the cloud.

Use any of these settings in your smart home this season or throughout the year to make memories with family and friends. Contact us to add speakers to any room and get easy access to all your collections of music.

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