3 Ideas for Creating Smart Home Scenes

3 Ideas for Creating Smart Home Scenes

Create Memorable Moments with Smart Home Automation

Most smart homes have typical scenes like “Good morning”, “Goodnight” and “Away.” But the real beauty of automation is being able to create unique sequences for your Fishers, IN home. Pick whatever room you want to alter, the features you’d like to control, then save it all under a custom name. Yes, smart home automation is convenient and offers a lot of benefits like saving energy, but it can also be used for fun too. Here are some ideas for creating scenes that will aid in getting that party or personal goal started.

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  1. Pool Party

Make the most of the warmer months by enjoying your pool as much as possible. Plan a pool party with your smart home system by creating a music playlist and distributing the music to your landscape speakers around the pool and hot tub. Turn on the outdoor Seura TV and stream the football or baseball game. If it’s a late-night rendezvous, you can add a lighting setting to the scene and brighten the pool, walkways, and bar area. Press one button on your smartphone and it all turns on instantly. You’ll have this scene at your fingertips for spring, summer and fall so you can blow off some steam swimming or take a dip in the hot tub.

  1. Movie Night

Whether you have a dedicated home theater or a media room, movie night can be a breeze setting up with this saved setting. With one touch, the shades will come down to prevent glare, the thermostat will lower to a cool degree, the lights will turn off so you can see the screen better and the projector and screen or turns on. If you have the Kaleidescape movie server, you can pick a movie ahead of time, purchase and download it so that it’s ready for your movie night. That way if it’s Friday or Sunday afternoon, you’re one click away from a fantastic flick.

  1. After-school Program

Perhaps your kids have after-school activities planned, but on those days when they get home from school earlier in the afternoon, keep them on a schedule using automation. Create an after-school scene that helps everyone stick to the plan and meet daily goals. As soon as you walk in the door, the security system disarms, the lights turn on, but the TV stays off! It’s homework time. Create parental settings using a smart remote so they can’t turn on their shows until they’re done with their assignments. After they’re done, you can turn on the fun right from your phone. When it’s time for dinner, hit “dinnertime” on your wall keypad, and the lights will flash in the house to let everyone know it’s family time around the table. Whether you are playing with the kids, helping them focus on their school work, or getting them ready for bed, your smart home can help keep everyone on schedule.

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