3 Things to Consider when Integrating Whole House Audio

3 Things to Consider when Integrating Whole House Audio

Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Room Audio


Integrating audio throughout your home has endless ways of elevating your daily life.  But how?

Before you install hidden speakers and a whole house audio system in your Indiana home, we’ve listed out below a few components to take into consideration.

Once you learn how a multi-room audio system can best benefit you and your family, you’ll find that its smart features take even an ordinary day to another level.

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How You Will Use It

Whether you’re hosting a get-together, dinner party, or cookout – or even just wanting a relaxing day with the family – whole house audio has many purposes.

You might wonder how you can put your system to use once it’s installed and ready to go.  But it turns out most events are greatly enhanced with the right tunes to accompany.

Create a comfortable atmosphere and encourage conversation amongst your guests by playing background music throughout your home.  As the night goes on, you can browse through your media library, or scroll through Spotify or Pandora, and select dance playlists or switch to a crowd-favorite jam.

Wanting to finish up an audiobook?  Your system isn’t only limited to music and parties.  You can listen to your latest audiobook, turn on ambient sounds as you nap, or listen to a podcast.

You won’t ever run out of ways or reasons to utilize your whole house audio – you’ll find time in everyday life to turn up the volume and enjoy.

What Rooms You Will Use the System In

The best part about multi-room audio is just that – every room is accessible to your system.  There isn’t a space that’s unreachable!

With wired and wireless speakers such as Sonos, and in-ceiling and in-wall choices, you’ll never have to worry that there won’t be enough room or that an area is incompatible.

It’s not just your living room, bedroom, or kitchen where you can play your preferred music.  Turn on a playlist in the laundry room, garage, or even bathrooms.

The system isn’t limited to the indoors either!  You can play songs out on the patio, and all around your backyard.  Anywhere you have speakers, your music can follow you.

Your system also lets you place specific settings in a variety of rooms.  For example, the adults can listen to a jazz album in the media room while the kids jam to their own music loudly outside or upstairs.

Different room, different music – and all controlled from one centralized source!

How You Can Operate It

It’s a common concern – smart technology systems seem like they could be incredibly difficult to use and control on a daily basis.  But there’s no need to worry – your system will be beyond easy to use.

Using your smart device of choice, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or wall panel, you can manage your whole house audio – as well as other features connected through your automation system.

Check out this Control4 video demonstrating just how simple it is to find a song on your smart device, and then play it through your high-end speakers for everyone to hear.


Want to learn more about a whole house audio system and what installing one means for your home?

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