4 Reasons to Use Motorized Shades in Your Home

4 Reasons to Use Motorized Shades in Your Home

We’ll Discuss a Few of Our Favorites Here!

At Digitech Custom, we’re continually here to provide home technology solutions for property in the Zionsville, Indiana area. Many people don’t realize the diverse benefits of a motorized shades installation until they’ve experienced them firsthand – perhaps at a friend’s house or maybe in a showroom, such as the ones we have on display in our Carmel experience center.

Digitech Custom Audio and Video prefers Lutron’s industry-leading motorized shading solutions. As pioneers in the industry and specialists in lighting control, Lutron also creates motorized window treatments with a wide variety of materials – from wood blinds to roller shades, draperies and more. Keep reading for our four useful, practical reasons to use motorized shades in your Central Indiana home!

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They Keep You Warm During the Winter

We know the Indianapolis winters can give us harsh temperatures, and we often heavily rely on our HVAC systems to keep us warm until April. There’s good news! You’re just an installation away from motorized shades that keep your family warm and protect the environment.

Lutron shades can automatically rise and lower on schedules, saving resources year-round. In winter months, it can let in additional brightness for longer, making the most of short daylight hours, and lower in the evening to retain heat. This sunlight cuts your energy consumption drastically while cutting your home’s heat loss in the evening, as well. Conversely, you can use your window treatments to retain cool air from your HVAC system during the summer and keep energy spending to a minimum.

They Protect Your Family

Automated shades play an essential, but often overlooked, part in keeping your home and family life private. You don’t want everyone to know that you’re home alone or gone for an extended trip.

During your consultation, we can discuss your current needs and examine whether mock-occupancy features would assist you. In this industry, we call these settings “mockupancy,” and your shades, lights and other automation features work together to make it look as though someone is home. We can synch your shades to your existing smart home technology so you can quickly access these features and protect your home.

How will this help you? As you’re leaving your house, just tap “away,” and you’ve signaled your automation system, including motorized shades, to help keep your family safe.

They Safeguard Your Possessions

Not only can motorized shades shut passers-by out of view, but they also can shield your valuable possessions from the long-term exposure to UV rays that come from direct sunlight through your windows. It’s happened plenty of time before – furniture, flooring or artwork destroyed from long-term exposure to UV rays. Motorized shades, though, will filter out the elements while allowing you to maintain your desired view during specific hours of the day.

They Add to Interior Design

Endless styles to choose from means that you can enhance your interior decor style in addition to these other benefits. You can choose from various opacities depending on your room’s lighting and find color matches that either complement or match other features in your room.

You can also suit the tone of your furnishings. For example, pleated shades dress up a traditional home, while roller shades look sleek and modern. Choose from metals, wood and plenty of unique finishes to complete the desired effect. We’re always here to help you choose!

See Digitech Custom’s Showroom!

Want to try motorized shades before you decide on an installation? Lucky for you, we have a dedicated showroom for you to enjoy in our Zionsville-area office!

We currently have three types different automated shades that you can explore, including electric roller shades on our Lutron demo wall; dual shades with a blackout layer in our conference room; and Control4-powered cellular shades. Interacting with this technology firsthand will give you a sense of which brands, styles and opacity you prefer. You can also get a feel for which keypads and control panels you’d prefer in your home.

We hope you visit us soon!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

We can’t wait to elevate your smart home’s safety, function and design with a motorized shades installation that you will love!

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