The Digitech Process

Our step-by-step process assures your complete satisfaction by carefully considering your lifestyle, expectations and budget.


A good beginning is important!  We start every smart home automation project with an in-depth conversation between you and one of our sales consultants and / or system designers.  The purpose is to clarify your needs, desires and expectations as well as other parameters of the project.  Few  of our clients in the Indianapolis, IN area are aware of all the options modern electronics make available, so we spend time discussing various technology solutions and demonstrating the products and services we represent.  Once we have a clear and complete understanding of your goals, the project moves to the system design department.


Our system designers take your concepts and preferences and turn them into reality.  They identify the products and services that will deliver the performance and functions needed and then weave them into a complete system design. Once the design team has done its work, Digitech’s proposal is presented to you for approval.  Your sales consultant will review it in detail, answer any questions and identify any necessary changes or additions.


Once the proposal has been approved, the project moves to Digitech’s project management team who generate detailed documentation and plans for all phases of work – assuring that nothing is forgotten or left to chance. Thorough record-keeping takes time.  But this is vital when guiding a complex endeavor involving many people and often multiple trades over a period of time.  We take the necessary steps to get professional results.


Working alone or with other contractors, Digitech’s trained technicians observe the highest standards of workmanship, safety and professionalism on every project, every day.  Our comprehensive planning and engineering assure that everything advances smoothly and efficiently.

Client Walkthrough and Instruction

This is the fun part for us!  Your lead system programmer and / or project manager will meet with you to review the completed project, verify proper operation of all products, answer any questions and review all aspects of operation with you and any other users.  This assures that you will be able to confidently operate your new system from the very start…what a concept!

Warranty and Service

We take service seriously.  Digitech’s business is built on referrals and we feel superior service is the best way to insure the necessary goodwill that generates them. Digitech employs a full time service manager and multiple service technicians to assure any issues that may arise are handled quickly and efficiently.  We also provide a full one year installation warranty for all products we supply that includes any necessary installation time required to get you back up and running. More recently Digitech is delivering options for an even more proactive service solution.  Remote monitoring of home electronic and network equipment is now a reality. So it doesn’t matter if you live in Indianapolis or Carmel, we can connect to your smart home remotely and get it working again. This approach allows us to see if connected devices are communicating properly.  If we see that a device has fallen off line or is reporting errors, remote power management products allow us to reboot the necessary components to bring the equipment back to proper operating status.  Imagine…we know about a problem your components might have before you discover it and we are able to remotely resolve the issue as if it never happened…it’s like magic.

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