Anywhere Access from Control4 Makes Remote Home Control Simple

Control4_GarageAlert-web1Have you ever had one of those days where you’re so overwhelmed with responsibilities, that you start to forget even the most basic parts of your daily routine? There’s nothing worse than accidentally leaving the lights on, leaving the air conditioning on full-blast, or forgetting to arm the security system. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but those electric bills will add up.

Thanks to the new Anywhere Access Controls from Control4, you can easily power down your home, reset your thermostat, or arm your security system from anywhere that has a 3G/4G or Internet connection. The entire Control4 system is controlled by your smartphone or tablet. By simply downloading the Control4 MyHome™ app or by using a web browser, you can control your entire home with a few finger swipes. Beats running all around the house to hit all the “off” switches, right?

The opportunities to better manage and secure your home are endless with the Control4 Anywhere Access system. Imagine how much extra time (and how much less stress) you’d have if you could do all of the following everyday tasks from your smartphone?

  • Lock or unlock doors
  • View live security camera footage
  • Adjust the temperature of your home
  • Close or open garage doors
  • Turn ANY electronic device on or off

Not to mention, you can get custom mobile alerts when any of those things happen. It’s the easiest, more reliable way to ensure your home is safe and under control at all times.

Longtime Control4 user, Joe Hageman, describes it best:

“With Anywhere Access, I can get that same level of home control no matter where I am. I can pull into work, tap the Control4 app on my iPhone, and check that all the doors are locked. I can be halfway around the world and get an alert when my kids unlock the door after school, or if the door opens when no one is supposed to be there. I know my home is secure, and if it’s not, I can act quickly.”

One of the most interesting part about Control4′s Anywhere Access system is the fact that it’s entirely up to the user to customize in accordance with their own personal preferences. If you’re trying to “go green” or cut down on your electric bill, you can sync all the electronics in your home to the system. If you’re more focused on home security and keeping your family safe, there are plenty of personal options there in terms of which features you wish to enable.

Control4 is helping to create the smart homes of the future in a way that works comfortable and effectively in today’s world. Whether you’re remodeling an existing home or building a new one, Control4 offers modular systems that grow with your family, your budget, and your lifestyle.

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