APC Battles the Weather

APC-small-logo1Severe weather has been a hot-button topic of late, to say the least. Even in a normal year, which 2011 certainly has not been thus far, the spring months in Indiana are known for rough storms.

More often than not, those storms bring lightning and heavy rain, and both bring the possibility of extensive damage to your electronics.

Thankfully, there are buffers to put between you and Mother Nature — specifically, American Power Conversion products. APC is Digitech Custom Audio and Video’s leading choice to protect your equipment, as well as the priceless photos, videos, music and movies you store.

Offering products ranging from power conditioners and surge protectors to uninterruptible power supplies, APC literally has a unit for every conceivable A/V, computer or data storage application.

“We had a client whose basement flooded… There were at least a couple inches of water everywhere,” said Randy Leffler, Digitech installer.” This person had an APC surge protector as part of his basement system, and the water completely wrecked it. It was ruined, but it protected all his equipment. He had no further damage.”

Rough weather aside, power bumps or outages can occur anytime of day or year, making it crucial to implement a power management strategy in your home. APC has you covered.

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