Are Your Surveillance Cameras Up to Date?

Are Your Surveillance Cameras Up to Date?

3 Features of Security Your Don’t Want to Miss

You may think that installing security cameras is fairly straightforward, however today the technology is always evolving. If you haven’t updated your cameras in 10, or even 5 years, you’re missing out on a lot of features that could affect your daily life. Whether you are adding security and surveillance for the first time or updating your Carmel, Indiana home after some time, this blog will give you an update on the newest camera features.

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Easy Browsing

Older cameras run all day long and capture hours of video footage. At the end of the day, it would be time-consuming to search through all those clips to find what you are looking for. The newest cameras have a variety of features to make browsing easy.

One example is motion-activated cameras that only turn on when it detects a person is there. Certain models are even pet friendly so they don’t capture your dog moving around the house or backyard.

Another type of camera does monitor your home all-day long, but send you an alert if there is suspicious activity. In the even of a break-in or a stranger visits your property, you’ll get a text or email with the video clip.

The cameras we install also come with a a browsing software that allows you to quickly search for and archive video clips.

HD, Color Picture

You can capture a lot more details with an HD camera, and of course color pictures are ideal as well. A fuzzy video won’t help much during an investigation. A crystal clear video will help provide evidence to the police or insurance companies in the case of an emergency. You can even capture what your pets do during the day while your gone. If you’ve ever been curious, you can keep those videos and watch them for fun later.

Integration with Intercom Systems and More

Our surveillance cameras don’t operate on their own system. We typically integrate them into a smart home system so that it can interact with the rest of the features of your home, like lighting, shading, intercom, climate control and more. If someone rings the doorbell, you can see who it is at the door by pulling up the video on your phone or tablet. Then if you have smart locks, you can let them in immediately after.

You can also create scenes like “away”, “goodnight” or “good morning”. For an away scene, press the button and your smart home will arm the security system, change the temperature, turn off the lights and lock all the doors. If you keep on the cameras at night, you can coordinate the outdoor lights to turn on with the cameras as evening approaches, or invest in night-vision cameras that don’t need to be installed in a brightly lit area.

If you would like to add any of these newer security and surveillance features to your home, let us know by filling out this online contact form.

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