The Best Technologies for Top-Notch Smart Home Security Systems

The Best Technologies for Top-Notch Smart Home Security Systems

Keep Your Property Safe With These Smart Home Security Technologies

We know that your family and home’s safety is your No. 1 priority. But whether you’re going on a much-needed vacation or getting ready to lay your head down at night, you shouldn’t have to stress constantly that both are well-protected.

A smart home security system can ensure that your Indianapolis- area property is kept safe and secure at all times. But you still want to ensure that your system only features best-in-class technologies.

At Digitech Custom, our smart home security solutions for Central Indiana homeowners go far beyond what you can find in your big-box retailer. In this blog, we’ll dive into some of our favorite smart home security technologies we offer.

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Keep an Eye on Your Whole Property

With top-notch home surveillance cameras connected to your smart home security system, you won’t have to wonder what’s going down at your home – you’ll know from moment to moment exactly what is happening. Watch captured surveillance footage in real-time or save videos to watch later on your personal smart device.

You can reach every corner of your property by controlling your cameras from the same smart device. With PTZ cameras, Zoom in, pan, and tilt the cameras directly from your smart device so that not a single area is missed. Below, we’ve listed out the most trusted surveillance brands we offer and what makes them the best – check out which one is right for you and your home!

  • Luma Surveillance: Luma Surveillance cameras are known for their high quality and ease of use, with advanced playback features and HD resolution to capture every moment. You can watch your dog play while you’re at work, or re-watch a family member’s surprise visit right on your smartphone. Seamlessly integrate your cameras into your smart home automation system from Control4 or Savant to bring overall convenience to its usage, as well.
  • LILIN: Known for their unparalleled smart security solutions for commercial and business properties, LILIN also brings top-notch surveillance to residential spaces. Their AI system with facial recognition features allows you to know exactly who is at your door, who gets gate access, and which smart locks will open and lock accordingly. And by integrating with smart systems like Control4 and Savant, LILIN makes it easy to monitor and manage your surveillance footage from anywhere.
  • Pakedge: Pakedge knows you want to check in on every area of your home at all times, but now imagine being able to see captured footage from both night and day just as well. Their IP cameras have high-output, 30-meter IR LEDs and intelligent image signal processing that make it possible for you to see low-light videos in HD and without any motion blur. Watch live or recorded footage from anywhere and at any time. There’s a camera for every space in your home, so you can rest assured your entire property will be covered.
  • Visualint: A Visualint surveillance system goes above and beyond a traditional setup. Auto-tracking PTZ cameras can identify a person and track them through the field of view of the camera, and custom alerts can notify you when alarms have been triggered – instantly sending you images from the camera that tracked the incident. These innovative solutions keep intruders at bay at all times. Visualint makes it a breeze to integrate your cameras with your overall home control system, elevating the security presence at your property.

Wireless Smart Security Systems

At Digitech Custom, we partner with DSC and its PowerG solutions to deliver enterprise-grade home security components in a wireless, easy-to-use format for local Indiana homeowners. Through DSC’s PowerSeries Neo home security system, you can add wireless alarms, air and smoke detectors, motion sensors and more to your home security system – all powered through DSC’s PowerG wireless technology.

With reliable and with superb cyber protection, PowerG ensures consistent excellent performance with rare false alarms. The long-range wireless transmission means dependable service, fast installations, and plenty of time between battery changes.

With all of the industry-leading surveillance camera and security system solutions available through Digitech Custom, we also can provide integration services for smart home security systems with Control4 or Savant.

From the same system that controls your lights, your shades and even your TVs, you also can manage every component of your smart home security system.

Make securing your entire home with these security and surveillance technologies easier than ever. Want to learn more about these innovative home security solutions from Digitech Custom?

Just give us a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!


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