Is Your Boardroom Equipped with the Right Audio and Video?

Is Your Boardroom Equipped with the Right Audio and Video?

How to Automate Your Conference Room

If you run a business in the Carmel, Indiana area then you know that organizing and leading meetings can be quite time-consuming—especially if you have them regularly. Today there are many tools you can use to facilitate discussions, presentations, and teleconferencing. Whether you have a simple conference room with a long table and chairs, or you need to update your current technology, Digitech Custom Audio Video can meet all of your commercial audio video needs for business. Keep reading to learn more.

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Lighting Control

The lighting may not seem like a priority at first, but if you get the lighting right then your video will perform at its best and you’ll also set the stage for a good meeting. Lights that are too bright may give you attendees headaches, while lights that are too dim will make them want to fall asleep. Keep your partners and employees comfortable yet alert with automated lighting. Dimmers will give you the ability to set the lighting level for different purposes—such as lowering them for a video presentation—or keeping them bright for an evening meeting. With motion sensors, you’ll also help save the company money. As soon as everyone leaves, the lights shut off and no energy is wasted. With our lighting systems you’ll be able to control the settings using a tablet, smartphone, or keypad on the conference table or wall.


Keep your business up to date by investing in some of the newest video technology. Upgrade your TV or projector to a 4K set, and then switch out your screen for a high-contrast model that can also operate in sunlight. We have a variety of brands, sizes, and prices to meet your specific needs and demands of a tight budget. If you want to make your conference room even more versatile, consider hiding your AV equipment so that it is only on display when in use. TVs, screens, and projectors can be encased in specialized AV furniture or hidden behind walls. Press a button and the equipment will appear instantly.


A quality audio system will facilitate communication and also help your meetings run smoothly. We can install speakers in the ceiling so they won’t take up precious meeting space, and also provide other accessories like microphones and recorders to meet your needs during brainstorming sessions and presentations. During a teleconference, you’ll need everyone to be heard loud and clear. Quality mics and speakers will accomplish this so you won’t ever have to ask the person on the other line to repeat himself.


All of the lighting, video, and audio equipment can be integrated together into one cohesive system—it’s what we do best. All of the conference room controls will be at your leader’s fingertips, and if anyone isn’t all that tech-savvy, they’ll still be able to easily navigate the control system with an intuitive user interface.

Bring your meeting space into the future by adding high-quality audio/video and integration to your business. Contact us today for a consultation.

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