Control4’s Intercom Anywhere: A Home Security Essential

Control4’s Intercom Anywhere: A Home Security Essential

Elevate Your Smart Home Security System and More

We know your family and property’s safety is the number one priority for you. So that’s why it’s crucial to not let any part of your smart home security system fall through the cracks. Control4’s Intercom Anywhere enhances your system and has many features that make it a necessity for your Zionsville, IN home security.

With this smart solution from Control4, you can have complete control over every part of your home. Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.

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Intercom Anywhere: An Introduction

This smart system from Control4 is an intercom that can connect you to any and every room in your whole home. With high-end audio and video, you can use your smartphone or tablet to check in on certain rooms and areas, see when the kids have arrived home from school, and communicate and let guests in – all while you’re nowhere near your home.

Your entire property is under your control and watchful eye at all times. It’s easier than ever to check on your home’s status and to maintain peace of mind no matter how long you’re away. Below, we’ll dive into many features of Control4’s Intercom Anywhere even more.

Customize Your Control

The best part about Intercom Anywhere isn’t just that you can view who is at your front door or any entrances around your home, but that you have so many options on how you can talk to them. So whether it’s your next-door neighbor or a delivery man, you can choose how to communicate with them and see what they want.

With your smart device, customize buttons and buttons on the Intercom Anywhere app to decide how to deal with each individual situation and scenario. Using Control4’s Door Station, you can view high-quality footage that your doorbell right has captured, right on your smartphone.

You might see the deliveryman at your door. You can then simply press a button for “delivery,” and your system will unlock the front door, disarm your security alarms, and turn on your indoor lights. This allows the deliveryman to place your package inside right by the door. Then when they leave, you’ll press the same button to have your lights shut off, your doors secured and locked, and your smart alarms on once again.

The same setup goes for if a friend is coming to take care of your pets or to water your plants. A different button will have the same sequence of events take place, but then you can let more time pass before arming your alarms again. It will also unlock your back doors or outdoor gates if you include them in the system, so then those areas will be accessible to your friend. Now the things that matter most to you are easy to get to and still safe and secure while you could be halfway around the globe.

Completely Connected Home

While the Intercom Anywhere has significant benefits for your home’s entrance access, it also lets you reach any room or area of your home – when you are home or away.

Check in on the kids playing in the basement or let the family know dinner is ready by dialing into the Control4 touch screen or tablet in that specific room. In just seconds, you’ll be connected to the room in question. Talk with your family on the other side of the house, check that the dog is still napping by the back door, and do a quick overview of the whole home if you want to make sure everything’s in place.

If it’s time for dinner or family game night, you can send a message from the kitchen’s tablet to every touch screen throughout your house. With the system’s incredible audio and video quality, there won’t be any misunderstanding or jumbled communication.


Want to find out even more about Control4’s Intercom Anywhere system and what it can do for your family and home’s safety? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form today. We’d love to hear from you!

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