Control4 or Crestron?

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Chocolate or vanilla? Sure.

Coke or Pepsi? Of course.

But, Control4 or Crestron?

The latter debate may not be as widely recognized as the first pair of arguments, but it’s a dispute nonetheless; and, in the A/V field, a quite common one.

Simply put, Control4 and Crestron are two of the principal combatants in the home automation fight. However, beyond first glance, their competition turns out to be more of an apples-to-oranges situation than a Chevrolet versus Ford matchup.

Which one is right for you? The answer to that question could very easily be ‘both’, because each brand is long on advantages and quite deficient in the shortcomings department. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer:


  • Affordability

You can call a turn-key Control4 system — one which allows you to channel your inner George Jetson and turn on the jacuzzi from another country — your own for less than five figures… A price that’s not exactly Jetson-like.

  • Continuity

Control4’s user interface, while allowing for some customization, has a standard button pattern which does not change, no matter the device. That means the volume control can be found in the same location on your iPad as it is on your master bedroom touchpanel or your basement remote.

  • Speed of Setup

Despite its technological prowess, Control4 product remains remarkably simple and expeditious to install and program. The benefit of this is obviously that you avoid excessive labor charges but, more importantly, you get to play with your new toys more quickly.


  • Customization

A Crestron system, when it comes to ergonomics and user interface, is literally a blank canvas. Want to apply Derek Jeter’s face to the handheld touchscreen in your Yankees-themed den? Check. Need to simplify a remote’s functions for an elderly family member? Done.

  • Reliability

Because of its nature as the go-to large smarthome automater, a Crestron system must be capable of controlling dozens upon dozens of electronic gadgets in a dependable fashion, lest it be rendered rather useless. Crestron hasn’t made a great name for itself in the audio visual world by being rendered useless.

  • Options

If you don’t have the budget you’d like, or don’t have the square footage required to let a proper Crestron system stretch its legs, you’ve still got choices. With its Adagio and Prodigy product lines, Crestron has catered to the masses and made it easier for a more broad clientele to come aboard. Adagio and Prodigy equipment is also more widely available than orthodox Crestron product.

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