Crestron Upgrade from Analog to Digital

From music to movies to teleconferencing, digital technology is in high demand today – at home and on the job. Fortunately, the time has never been better for performing an analog to digital conversion. Crestron is currently offering a great deal: a trade-in program that can give you as much as 100% value for your older technology analog equipment, even if it is from other manufacturers. You can then use this generous credit towards the purchase and installation of the latest Crestron digital video system. This offer means that now is the time to call a professional Digitech system designer to perform an analog to digital conversion and create a streamlined, modern digital video system you want.

Depending on what equipment you already own, the Crestron trade-in program can make it easy to upgrade from analog to digital. Digitech can create a streamlined system for you using your existing CAT5e cable. You won’t need any new wires or connectors. By simply swapping out your analog switchers and room boxes, your Digitech designer can get you set up with Crestron digital media, including a user-friendly software package filled with useful tools. This analog to digital upgrade package may also give you the perfect opportunity to improve upon a previously installed system to create a more seamless and user-friendly digital technology experience.

How can you benefit from new Crestron technologies? At home, you can create a truly digital HD home theater experience, complete with crystal-clear digital picture and sound. Crestron’s current trade-in program can help you to make an investment in a realistic, theater-quality screening of the big game or the latest action movie with the guys. An analog to digital conversion can also amp up family gaming night or a chick-flick movie marathon with the girls.

As for the workplace, universities, military installations, and Fortune 500 companies nationwide, among others, rely on Crestron technology for their digital needs. From teleconference rooms to projection systems in banquet halls, the analog to digital conversion has helped many businesses and organizations modernize to state-of-the-art digital technology. This switch can make the technology more user-friendly, impress business clients, and even increase efficiency.

So what are you waiting for? Does your home or business need a digital upgrade? Call Digitech today for a free quote on an analog to digital conversion package. An expert system designer will come customize a system that fills your needs and allows you to keep up with the fast pace of digital technology.

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