What is the Difference Between Store-bought and Custom Audio?

What is the Difference Between Store-bought and Custom Audio?

Discover the Benefits of Custom Home Technology


When you go online to buy an outfit, sometimes you find that millions of other people have the same shirt, dress, or suit. Who want to show up at a party and find out someone else there is wearing the same thing as you? In those situations, sometimes it’s better to get a custom-made outfit. If someone makes the dress or suit for you, then it will be a one-of-a-kind garment that shows off your personality and style.


Whole house audio can do the same thing when you work with a local integrator. Your audio system will be installed according to your preferences and based on the house you live in. It won’t look like anyone else’s home in Noblesville, Indiana because it will be made for you. Here are some ways that custom audio solutions are different from out-of-the-box music systems.


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Hide Everything


Buy a basic speaker from a store, take it home and then you have to figure out where it goes. First, you locate an outlet to plug in the speaker but if you don’t have a table or a shelf you have to re-arrange your furniture. Then there are those ugly wires. You saw an ad online for this cool, hip speaker but it doesn’t look the same in your bedroom. When it comes time to have friends over for a party, you discover you can’t play the same song in every room at the same time to provide the music at the same level throughout the house. All of these issues are confronted with a whole house system.


One of the best features of a professionally designed system is the ability to make your speakers disappear. We can install invisible speakers in the walls, or place them in the ceiling so they save space and get those wires out of the way. Either style will eliminate clutter and enhance your home design.


Control Your Music Anytime, Anywhere


With a professional music system, you get to decide on the type of controller you use. Choose from a handheld remote, tablet, smartphone, or even voice control. You can pick a primary control, or use all of them anytime you want. With voice control you can say, “Alexa, play Coldplay” and all of a sudden their songs will fill your home. With a strong and reliable Internet connection, you can turn the music on from any location too. You could be entertaining friends outside on the patio and press a button on your phone to show them a new album you bought, or start a playlist for your daughter in her bedroom while you are downstairs cleaning up. Only a custom system can give you this many options when it comes to control.


Fine-tune Your Listening Experience


Have you every walked into a room and got blasted with sound in one corner, but then barely heard the song when you took five more steps in another direction? If you want evenly distributed sound, you need a professional to design the right layout for your Indiana home. The benefit is you’ll be able to walk from the front door to your bedroom and the song you are listening to will be playing at the same volume and clarity the whole time. With no design limitations, you can install speakers throughout your home. This allows you to build distinct music zones so each member of the family gets the most out of their favorite entertainment without disrupting others. Digitech Custom Audio Video combines sound masking and acoustic treatments to create a space primed to get the most out of your audio setup. For example, your daughter can watch a movie in the media room while you listen to your favorite singer in the kitchen and neither soundtrack will interfere with the other. Each of our installations is customized to your unique needs and home dimensions, so the audio will be fine-tuned to each space.


Contact us online to enjoy all three of these perks from a whole house audio system. You’ll get to save space, expand your music options and even enhance your audio quality at home.

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