Digitech Custom Audio & Video Is the New Indianapolis Location for Bravas

Digitech Custom Audio & Video Is the New Indianapolis Location for Bravas

Changes and Benefits Coming to Our Trusted Home Automation Company

Here at Digitech Custom Audio & Video, we always work to bring high-end solutions and technologies to your smart home installations. And now that we have partnered with Bravas, our vision for our valued customers is even more apparent.

We are the new Indianapolis, IN location for Bravas, and are the home automation company for every one of your smart home projects.

Want to know what this merger with Bravas means for you, whether you’re one of our long-time clients or are just now starting on your smart home journey? Keep reading on below to see why today is the best time to team up with Digitech Custom AV for your next installation.

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Unparalleled Smart Home Services

No matter what you choose to bring to your property, whether it’s lighting control, motorized window treatments, smart security, or a full-on customized home theater – our team works to deliver the highest quality of service, every time, for every installation.

As we merge with Bravas, you’ll still receive the dedication and service you’re used to from Digitech Custom AV, but with significant benefits.

Partnering with Bravas means we’ll have a major advance in our resources, covering all components: from finances to our products, to how we run things during our installations, and before and after. We are now able to serve you as a national home automation company would, which means you’re taken care of in the best way possible.

We’ll now have access to the most elite smart technologies, automation systems, and AV equipment so that the solutions we bring to your home or space are unmatched. More knowledge, expertise, and experience come along with this partnership, so you can rest assured you’re getting smart home installations that run perfectly today and well into the future. This partnership means your expectations will be exceeded with every project, guaranteed.


Easy Transition for Every Customer

You might have been with Digitech Custom AV for quite a while now and are starting to worry about what this means for your relationship with our company and team. But there’s no need to stress – with this seamless transition, you’ll hardly notice a thing, nor will anything be required of you.

There won’t be any changes to your systems or a need for upgraded warranties. Instead, you’ll see new service policies put into place that serve you better overall during every smart home installation and long after we’ve laid down the last bit of wiring.

And with some possible name or phone number changes or additions, we are also introducing a 24/7 service response system in the upcoming months. This system will give you complete access to our team at any time for any issue or question that might pop up.


Starting Out with Smart Tech

Are you just now beginning with smart home technology and automation? There has never been a better time to work with our team at Digitech. This new partnership means you can only receive the highest quality of service and installations – and find the perfect smart systems and features that accommodate your home in every way.


Want to find out more about our new partnership with Bravas and how it will benefit our services for your smart home? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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