Enhance Your Home Lighting Design with Savant

Enhance Your Home Lighting Design with Savant

Check Out Tunable White and Multi-Color Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Your home lighting design has a major impact on your entire Indianapolis, MN property’s appearance. Not only how it looks but also how it makes you feel. You can take your lighting setup to the next level with bright, innovative solutions from Savant.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how these fixtures can benefit you and your daily lifestyle. Keep reading on below to learn about the many features of a Savant Pro lighting system.

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Tunable White Lighting

Your home lighting affects far more than just your interior design – did you know it can greatly influence your health, both physical and mental. When you spend hours, or nearly all day, inside under fluorescent lights, you’ll find your body and mind craving the natural sunlight. If you don’t see the sun for quite some time, you more than likely have thrown off your circadian balance. You’ll feel more sluggish and unmotivated, and unenergized overall.

This is where Savant’s tunable white lighting steps in. Your Savant system has natural circadian color shifting, meaning your system will reflect the pattern of the sun in the sky right in your own home.

Wake up to warm, dimmed lighting that mimics a sunrise – getting you ready for the day and feeling energized. The same form of lighting in a candlelight glow at night can help you unwind for the evening before bed, mimicking the sunset as well. White lighting with bluer tones encourages productivity and motivates you to work. This is perfect for mid-day while you’re getting tasks done or working in your home office.

With tunable lighting, you will start to feel the benefits. You’ll feel relaxed, energized, and healthier all around. That’s the power of your home lighting from Savant.

Endless Colors for a Variety of Fixtures

From elegant pendants to subtle downlights, there is an incredible amount of lighting fixtures and products available for your home design. Our team can even install lighting strips in a variety of areas in your living space to brighten up stairs and bookshelves – or place them under cabinets for better visibility.

The best part? These lighting fixtures and strips come in nearly an unlimited amount of colors. You can personalize your lights with any color you desire by choosing from Savant’s palette that offers millions of colors – right on your own app. Your fixtures’ LED bulbs will be not only energy-efficient and long-lasting, but also produce endless colors for your entire family to customize and enjoy.

Savant App Interface

The Savant Pro App makes it a breeze to control and manage your entire system. With a beautiful, user-friendly interface, you can make changes and adjust color temperatures and brightness with just a tap or swipe.

The app’s visual color display makes it easy to see what you’re selecting, and lets you set the mood of a room in seconds. You can also create scenes and edit them at any time, while also setting up lighting schedules. Control which lighting fixtures turn on in which rooms, or outdoors, without any hassle at all. It’s that easy.

Want to learn more about Savant home lighting design for your space, and what the many benefits of its system are? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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