Everything You Need to Know About Screen Innovations’ Solo Screen

Everything You Need to Know About Screen Innovations’ Solo Screen

SI’s Latest Is Wireless, Motorized, and Portable

Are you looking for ways to bring the fun outside to your backyard and patio, or maybe in the comfy screen porch? As summer turns to fall, there is still time to kick back and enjoy a family movie night with your loved ones.

And with Screen Innovation’s Solo screen, you can watch your favorite films and shows anywhere around your Carmel, IN home. In this blog, we’ll dive into the top benefits of this smart screen solution and how the Solo display can truly take your outdoor entertainment system to the next level.

Want to find out more about this screen’s many features? Just keep reading on below.

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Innovative, Hidden Technology

With its lithium rechargeable battery, the Solo screen can run for two whole years on just one single charge. Wireless and motorized, this screen’s sleekness will stun you as its Zero Edge screen rolls up into a 2 ¾” cassette seamlessly and without any hassle.

The Solo’s “Big Brother,” the Solo Pro, on the other hand, that is also available, is customizable and comes with the choice of either a lithium rechargeable battery or a low-voltage (24v) one, depending on which you’d like to go with. The Solo Pro 2 is another available option that comes in a 160” screen display and a 4 ¾” cassette. Larger screen, bigger action. This one comes in the same low-voltage battery, with also magnetic rechargeable and AC power options.

Enjoy a blockbuster hit or a TV show marathon with family and friends in the daylight or under the stars, as you press a button to roll your screen down anywhere – from the backyard to the deck or on a camping trip.


Accessible & Portable

The reason you can bring your Solo screen with you to so many different events and settings is that it’s completely portable. It’s easy to hold and lightweight, so you can take it in the car or walk with it to your next destination without straining or struggling at all.

It can adapt to numerous mounting applications, so you won’t have to wonder how your screen is going to work wherever you plan to use it. Set it up with ease and dismantle with zero complexities. The Solo screen simplifies your next viewing event and is sure to impress everyone with its crystal-clear image.

The Solo Pro and Solo Pro 2 come in larger displays, meaning they might be harder to walk with but are still just as transportable for when you need that view that only a widescreen can bring to the experience.


Impressive Slate ALR material

The Solo screens are made of Slate ALR screen material, which means it can flex and stretch where needed and roll up just as easily. It also offers up to 65% ambient light rejection, giving you the ability to watch your media even in the bright sunshine.

You won’t be limited to the shadiest part of your backyard or until night falls – enjoy your Solo screen at all hours and at any time.


A Variety of Colors

The Solo screen comes in an unlimited amount of colors so that you can match the coordinating environment with a stylish cassette that pops or blends in without notice. The screen display is as visible as you want it to be – with either blue and red colors, or more neutral tones, like beige or gray. No matter what kind of Solo screen you’re looking to bring to your home, our team can help make the dream happen for you.


Want to learn more about the Solo screens and which type is best for your living space? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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