Experience Control4 in Digitech Custom’s Showroom!

Experience Control4 in Digitech Custom’s Showroom!

Get to Know Digitech Custom and Hamilton County’s Certified Control4 Showroom

Did you know that Digitech Custom Audio and Video has a Control4 certified showroom? Here at the Digitech Custom office, we don’t like to just tell you how we can transform your Hamilton County, Indiana home into an integrated, Control4 experience. We show you! We are a full-service custom integration and design Control4 dealer, dedicated to reaching a residence’s maximum potential.

In this blog, we’ll outline the many ways that our team at Digitech Custom can help you with your next project, whether you’re a homeowner, an interior designer or a real estate developer. When you visit our Carmel showroom, you’ll get to see some of Control4’s diverse product offerings and how they would work in your home or your client’s home. Keep reading to sample a few!

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Control4 Touchscreens and Control Panels

See how you’d manage your Control4 applications within a home by touching the controls for yourself. You’ll experience the remarkable, user-friendly features of Control4 through our touchscreens, remotes and control panels. Our control panels and switches are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit even the most discriminating design tastes.

We have a front-door station to show you which controls Control4 homeowners use as they leave and exit their homes, a two-way control panel that connects to the door station, a thermostat control, a connected security system and so much more.

Turn lights off and on, select which music plays in which room, adjust the temperature and shades, view surveillance footage and so much more – all through the Control4 user interface. Watch as your environment responds to your commands and instantly transforms before your eyes.

Triad Speakers

We think that audio provides the most immersive showroom experience, and Triad speakers are no exception. The company creates exclusive, custom-made speakers and was recently acquired by Control4. Check out the picture above to see some of the models we have on display!

This merger between Control4 and Triad means you can combine the high-tech controls of your Control4 system with some of the most robust sound quality we’ve ever heard from speakers. When Digitech Custom wires your home, we can distribute multiple audio channels to your Triad speakers, so your music will follow you to every room – and even outdoors. You won’t believe your ears.

Come live the Control4 home theater experience, as well, with our 65-inch OLED Sony TV with Triad’s 3-channel soundbar and in-wall & on-wall subwoofers!

We Do Networking, Too

Fully integrated smart homes often carry the risk of information overload. With multiple internet-connected components at play, less capable networks can lag. Control4’s Pakedge equipment, our choice for home network installation gear, excels at powering even the most complex home automation systems.

We install equipment that speeds up a home’s network performance and minimizes latency. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Pakedge lies in its ability to emphasize lag-sensitive multimedia – ensuring that entertainment won’t freeze mid-show or album. We’ll show you some of our innovative networking equipment and demonstrate how we might configure that in your home or your client’s.

See You at the Showroom!

As Hamilton County’s leading Control4 dealer, our team at Digitech Custom is here to help with all of your home technology project. We can’t wait to see you in our Carmel showroom soon!

In the meantime, feel free to contact us here or chat with us by clicking to the bottom right of your screen to ask questions or to schedule a no-obligation appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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