Feel Comfortable Leaving Your Home for Any Amount of Time

Feel Comfortable Leaving Your Home for Any Amount of Time

A Smart Surveillance System Can Give You Peace of Mind

Whether you’re leaving home for a just an hour, a late evening, or a week – you shouldn’t have to stress over your property’s status the entire time you’re gone.

You might worry that vacant homes are often targets for burglars.  But what can you do if you’re miles away?

Installing a smart surveillance system is the perfect way to keep your Hamilton County, IN home safe and well protected at all times.

Read on below to see how your system’s unique features can guarantee you return to a secured home no matter how long you’ve been away.




Watch Footage in Real-Time

Whether you’re inside or out of town, your system makes sure your home is under constant surveillance.

With strategically placed cameras set up all around your property, there isn’t a corner or inch that won’t be covered.

You can immediately check your smartphone or tablet to see what’s happening at your house.  Watch videos in real-time, or save some to your device to look at later.

Set up your system to send your phone instant notifications if anything occurs while you’re not checking in.

The best part?  Your surveillance cameras are operational no matter how far away you are.  Zoom in, pan around, or tilt the cameras to any angle – making virtually your entire home accessible to you at any time.

Set “Scenes” While You’re Gone

Another great aspect of your system is you can link up your lighting control to it.  Schedule your lights to turn on and off at random times during the day.

This is known as “scenes” – they will mimic your family’s daily routines and activities, making your home look lived-in.

When robbers or thieves see an occupied home, they steer clear!

Detect Unwanted Guests

To guarantee no one unwanted steps foot on your property, you can tie in motion detection sensors with your system.

If they sense someone lurking nearby, your system will notify you immediately, and will then flood the area with lighting – scaring any potential intruders.

You can set the detectors to alert you or also the appropriate authorities if need be.  You can also pull up your surveillance footage right away on your phone and check out your home’s status at that very moment.

When you’re away from home, your home’s safety shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind.  A smart surveillance system can bring you the comfort and ease you need to feel you’re leaving your home in safe care.


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