Give Your Clients the Ultimate Outdoor Audio Video Setup

Give Your Clients the Ultimate Outdoor Audio Video Setup

Homeowners can Bring the Fun Outside with these Top-Notch Features


With summer in full swing, it’s natural for everyone to want to spend more and more time outside – and your clients are no exception.

So how can they enjoy their own backyard when it’s not exactly the image of a great time out there?  They might have a pool or even a grill on the patio, but there’s nothing cohesive keeping the elements altogether.

That’s why they could use an impressive outdoor audio video system at their Carmel, IN home.

Whether they’re getting ready to host a party, have a barbecue, or just relax with a good book, they deserve a space that can accommodate any of those occasions.  If you’re a builder or designer in the area, you can set them up with one.

Keep reading below to see how this smart outdoor technology can elevate any party you throw!

Strategically-Placed Speakers

Nothing brings everyone together more than music they can all enjoy or dance along to.  With an outdoor surround sound system, your clients can play any song they want out of their own media library or from streaming services like Pandora or Spotify.

But without the proper audio setup, they won’t be able to hear it at its highest quality.

By installing speakers strategically around their backyard and property, you can deliver them crystal-clear audio for any event they’re having outside.

The Sonance Landscape audio series of outdoor speakers come highly recommended and can withstand any form of harsh weather and will still provide excellent sound.  Installing wireless access points around the yard will also expand the network coverage and help all the AV equipment work well together.

Quality 4K HD Screens

An outdoor movie night might be in the plans for your clients’ summer days and nights – and a weather-resistant 4K Ultra HD TV is a must for those movie marathons and TV show binges.

Outdoor TVs have requirements that differ from ones that you have in your indoor media room.  You’ll need to install either a SunBrite TV or a Seura one that has a brighter image, so even when the sun shines directly on the screen nobody will miss a single scene.

These TVs won’t be damaged by rain or sun rays and will give your homeowners the perfect setup for a movie night.

Even if they’re hosting a tailgate, the 4K resolution of the screens ensures that they get every play and it will feel like they’re actually at the stadium with the wind blowing in their face.


An Integrated System

You want to leave your clients with a system that they know how to use.  Once you’ve installed their outdoor audio video, they’ll have everything they need to get the good times rolling.

This system integrates perfectly with the rest of their automated features that you might have installed for them – and it’s just as easy to manage.

Using one centralized source, they can pick up their smartphone, tablet, or even use the weather-proof wall panel outside to control every outdoor component.

The same button that can turn on their kitchen lights can now adjust the volume on their speakers or switch from one show to the next on their TV.  Easy-to-use and straightforward, anyone can operate the system – including your clients’ friends that may be over for a get-together.

Want to help your Carmel clients have a summer to remember with outdoor audio video?


Learn more about how you can make this happen with an experienced audio video installer by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form.  We’d love to hear from you!


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