Go Digital With Your CD Collection

Go Digital With Your CD Collection

When was the last time you played a CD? A couple years? Longer? The reality is that you invested a lot of time and money in your CD collection, and if you haven’t already migrated them to digital format, now is the time. Get the most bang for your buck by going digital—and you’ll be able to enjoy your collection forever.

Maybe you haven’t converted your music to digital files yet because of the time factor. At a rate of six CDs an hour for six hours a day, it would take several months to convert your entire library of music. Who wants to spend that much time popping CDs in and out of their computer?

Not all CD-ROM drives are equally suited for digital audio extraction, or CD conversion – also known as CD ripping. After extensive testing on a variety of drives, we have selected and implemented hardware capable of consistently perfect rips.

We will rip your CDs for you—in a fraction of the time. Digitech Custom offers this service. Both offer high-quality CD ripping and quick turnaround time. And if you’re wondering if going digital is just a passing fancy, it’s not.

Digitech Custom service includes two very impressive technologies: our technology has an error-correction technology that restores even some of your most well-used CDs. Say goodbye to pops, skips and clicks! ID3 tags and metadata helps organize your music by taking into consideration all the defining characteristics of each song including artist, album, title, genre, and more.

Some may wonder whether this type of CD ripping is legal. No worries: under the Fair Use Copyright law, an individual has the right to convert CD to MP3 for personal use. Digitech Custom merely serves as a processing agent.

Digitech Custom will not rip CDs containing copy protection software, badly scratched CDs, or homemade, copied, or pirated CDs.

Reasons to Outsource CD Ripping

  • Higher quality output
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Professionally organized library

What are the prices? Minimum $100, 0-100 CD’s = $100, 100 or more CD’s is $1 per disc.

Once complete, your digital music library will be delivered on a DVD or on a Digitech purchased external hard drive. All libraries are organized and sorted by artist, album, and song.

What type of digital format will my CD’s be converted to? MP3 – The universal audio format, most suited for portable digital media players as it preserves sound quality with small file sizes.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home audio system, going digital is a must-do. For more information or to discuss home audio solutions, contact Digitech Custom today!

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