Go Green With Lighting And Shading Control For Your Carmel, IN Home

Go Green With Lighting And Shading Control For Your Carmel, IN Home

Help the planet (and your wallet) by integrating lighting and shading control into your home or business.

With Earth Day having just past, the reminder of the delicacy of our planet and our abundance of options to moving forward a more green and eco-friendly life is more present now than any other time of the year. Turning your Carmel, IN residence into a more eco-friendly home has become easier than ever with large manufacturers like Control4 and Lutron offering lighting and shading control. Today, we’ll touch upon a few ways that you can give back to the planet while keeping life comfortable and convenient simply through smart home automation. Keep reading for more!


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When it comes to lighting and shading control, Lutron’s primary goal is to promote energy efficiency into each smart automated home or commercial business. As a lighting manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years, Lutron provides different options such as automated shade systems, dimmers, and wireless occupancy sensors along with whole home and whole building light management systems. When you unite a power house like Lutron and control genius like Conrol4, you’ll get to use a reliable and beneficial smart home for years to come.


How can I keep my home safe while saving energy?

We have many options to keep your home safe. Use the “Away” feature to make your house look lived-in; the lights will turn on and off at varying times to make it appear occupied. Instead of keeping all your lights on as a default, the “Away” feature will keep only certain lights in the house on, which in turn allows you to save energy. Digitech Custom AV also offers exterior lighting that can turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset. If a person approaches the perimeter of the house, the outdoor lights will flash and alert you to the stranger.


What are the cost benefits of integrating smart lighting into my home or business?

By switching over to smart lighting control, The New York Times Building saves $600,000 annually in energy savings, which is 70% of its lighting electricity. By integrating dimmers alone, hotels and retailers can save energy and money while keeping the ambiance of the space. While integrating smart lighting control into your home or business might become pricey, it all depends on the scope of the project itself and how big or small you want to begin. However, when it comes to saving money by reducing energy costs, it is always an investment that pays off in many different ways but always for the consumer.


I’m interested – where should I begin?

If you want to save money, energy, and add convenience to your lifestyle, contact us here at Digitech. We can provide you with insight and details on what will work best for your Carmel, IN home or commercial business.

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