Hidden Features Can Enhance Your Home Theater Design

Hidden Features Can Enhance Your Home Theater Design

Seamlessly Blend Technology with Your Décor

A home theater can transform every movie night and TV show-binge into an immersive and fantastic viewing experience.

But to create that ultimate entertainment environment in your own Hamilton County, IN living space, you’ll need a professional home theater installation.

Many believe that technology doesn’t mesh well with interior design and style – meaning your theater can’t feature a stunning design. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In this blog, we’ll dive into how your theater can incorporate hidden AV features that are sure to elevate the space and maintain and highlight your existing décor.

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Concealed Screen & Projector

You have a choice between a flat-screen TV or a combination of screen and projector in your theater. Either is great for watching media, but one thing is for sure – you’ll definitely want to watch in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

But how well will this technology go with your theater’s interior design and style? The great news is that whether you use a projector/screen combination or a flat-screen TV, you can conceal and blend them in easily with your interior design.

You can simply press a button on a remote or a smartphone application that hides your flat-screen when not in use, and then brings it back into view in just a few seconds when you’re ready to watch a film or catch up on a TV series.

There are also the screens that disguise themselves as mirrors or paintings when not in use. Additionally, you could install a wall panel to cover your screen with artwork or other designs until you are ready to watch it again.

It’s the same deal with your projector/screen combination. Using in-ceiling projectors and roll-down screens is easy. With your smartphone, tablet, remote, or any smart device of your choice, you can quickly lower and raise them.

Your screens don’t have to intrude on your interior design. At all times, you have the choice over how much you want your room’s theatrical components to be visible.

Take a look at our gallery of past home theater installation projects to get some ideas for your own home theater design.


Hidden Speakers

The sound quality in your home theater is key to crafting that perfect, media-watching atmosphere.

That means you’ll need high-quality speakers. But how can you make sure you only hear them, instead of seeing them?

Not to worry – there are endless solutions.

One option is bookshelf speakers. They can be easily placed on top of anything in your theater, such as furniture or shelves. They will be hardly noticeable, and there are many options to choose from that will look great with your existing style and decorations.

But for the ultimate invisible speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling ones are your best bet. Not only do they seamlessly blend with the room’s interior, but they still offer convenient control and undisrupted high-end audio distribution.

Strategically placing your speakers around the room to enhance its natural acoustics will produce high-quality sound that gives the best auditory experience to you and your guests every time.


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