Home Automation with Yale’s High-Tech, Wireless Interior Lever Locks

YaleRealLivingLeverLockHome automation is a tough concept to get if you’ve never lived with it. Lighting control, multi-room audio, systems integration… it all sounds a little out there, and a bit complicated, until you’ve had the opportunity to actually experience it for yourself.
But locks? People understand locks. And anyone who has ever fumbled with his or her keys in the dark with a bagful of groceries in one hand and a toddler hanging off of one hip can appreciate the value of a safe, secure door lock that allows for convenient, keyless entry and individualized access codes.
Yale has dominated the automated door lock market for the past few years with its Real Living series of wireless deadbolts, which not only facilitate keyless entry, but serve as the perfect doorway into more advanced home automation. Yale Real Living locks come in a couple of wireless varieties, and integrate perfectly with home automation systems from Control4, Honeywell, GoControl, Vera Z-Wave, and others, allowing you to initiate personalized lighting scenes when you come home at different times of the day, allow friends, family, or service personal individualized access to the home on different days, or different times of the day, or even remotely unlock the front door with your smart phone if you need a neighbor to pop in and check on your home in the event of an emergency.
This past week, Yale introduced a new version of its Real Living Locks designed specifically for interior door use. These beautiful lever locks bring all of the technology of the company’s exterior deadbolts—including a choice of ZigBee or Z-Wave wireless connectivity and either an acrylic touchscreen or simple twelve-button keypad—to interior rooms like home offices, utility rooms, or collectibles rooms, where additional security is needed. The beautiful lever design would also make a snazzy upgrade to guest rooms in a bed and breakfast.
In addition to their sleek aesthetics and wireless functionality, Yale’s new Real Living Lever Locks also boast volume controls, voice-assisted programming in multiple languages, personalized access-control codes for up to 250 individual users, and access to all user programmable settings via select user interfaces, and a low-level warning to let you know when your year of battery life is almost up. Integrate them with a Control4 system and you’ll also be able to receive emails alerts of text messages when locks are used, and view an entry log in real time – placing safety, security and convenience in the palm of your hand.

Courtesy of HDLiving.com

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