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Home Theater

At Digitech Custom Audio & Video, we offer so much more than just TVs and speakers. Our goal is to provide the best home theater systems and expertise for your whole home and business, no matter the need. From security and surveillance systems to the ultimate gaming experience, we’ve got you covered. Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Call or stop by our showroom in Carmel, IN to talk with a Digitech expert about a custom solution! Properly designed and planned out, a home theater can be an excellent improvement to your lifestyle. Whether you’re living in Westfield, Fishers or Noblesville and are watching a movie with your family, or inviting friends into your Indianapolis home for the big game, a professionally designed home theater system can vastly improve your viewing experience. Digitech Custom has been designing and installing home theaters and media rooms since 1989 and with hundreds of years of combined experience in the media industry is a long time, so we know entertainment; we will work with you to design the best in home theater, built to last for years to come.

Media Room or Home Theater?

When considering a home entertainment system, one major decision that we encourage you to work through is whether you’re looking for a home theater or a media room. While both share a lot in common, it’s worth considering the differences to best suit your lifestyle.

Dedicated Home Theater

Home theaters have a strong focus on audio and lighting; we want the home theater to focus entirely on your immersion and enjoyment of the movie. Digitech takes everything about the home theater experience into consideration: lighting, screen distance, furniture location, speaker and subwoofer placement and audio paneling. Our team in Carmel, IN works with you to design the perfect setup for the room you have dedicated to a home theater. Learn more about your best in class home theater

Media Room

On the other hand, media rooms are much more focused on multi-faceted entertainment. Whether you’re watching the big game or playing video games with your kids, a media room serves as the ultimate family room to spend time with your family and friends. A well designed media room is intended to be more than just a dedicated theater, but a gathering place to relax and enjoy company and entertainment. Learn more about your best in class media rooms

Don’t Stress the Decision

Both options are extremely fun and rewarding. With the current advancements in home theater and media room technology, our experienced team will work directly with you to create a best in class home entertainment system.

Get the Right Gear at the Right Price

The most exciting part of setting up your home entertainment system is choosing the technology that you will use. Over the last 10 years, video and audio technology has improved vastly, and the prices of everything are getting lower and lower. As a result, it’s become easy to get top of the line products at reasonable prices.

See and Hear the Difference

While an excellent visual experience is key, an immersive soundscape is just as important. Audio is an important part of the moviegoing experience, and Digitech will work closely with you to best optimize an audio system for your home. Not only do we set you up with the best in class speakers and subwoofers, but we will also help you consider soundproofing and paneling your entertainment room, which we find drives quality audio just as much as better electronics.

Screen Size and Viewing Distance

Beyond audio, another key decision that needs to be made when planning out a home entertainment room is the screen size and the viewing distance of the T.V. Surprisingly, it can be tricky to pick the right screen size for a room. If the screen is too large and too close to yourself, you can overstrain your eyes. On the other hand, if your screen is small and too far away, you won’t be able to see the picture. Our experts will be able to help you make a decision based on what’s the best screen for your room.

The Control is in Your Hands

We want to make your home entertainment a powerful experience. As such, we will set you up with top of the line smart home automations. You will be able to control all of your home theater system with one wireless device–whether you are in Noblesvills, IN or relaxing in the Bahamas on vacation. You can automate your lights: dim, color, and change them to fit the theme of your movie. You could even have the shades open and close on your windows. The power is in your hands.

Think Outside the Box

With the opportunity to re-imagine your entire home theater system, why stop there? Consider the chance to protect your new investments with a home security system which will integrate with your automation system. In addition to having best in class home security, your security system will integrate with your home automation system, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors from the control of your phone. Another option to consider is an HVAC system connected to your home automation to keep your home theater at exactly the right temperature, keeping you focused on the movie. See below for a comprehensive list of all of the services Digitech Custom offers.

All Services

  • Home Theater: Experience the best of cinema right in your home with an entertainment space that’s an extension of your lifestyle.
  • Home Automation Electronics integration is one of the industry’s hottest new technologies. Home Automation can be applied to security systems, entertainment, HVAC, lighting, fireplaces and more.
  • Security: Our solutions use the most cutting edge technologies, from glass-break detectors to surveillance cameras, and everything in between. Let our team provide your family with peace of mind.
  • Commercial: Let us take your businesses into the digital age with high-tech conference rooms, signage, training facilities, lighting automation and more.
  • Whole Home Audio: Let your music follow the action with a multi-room audio system, including outdoor spaces.
  • Distributed Video: These systems allow any recorded shows/movies to be viewed from any box on any television at any time in the home. Imagine simplicity and convenience for every member of the family.
  • Lighting Control: Set the mood for reading, dining, entertaining or watching a movie with the touch of a button. Lighting control systems can also help reduce your energy consumption.   
  • Structured Wiring: This is probably the least visible but most important part of what we at Digitech Custom do. Ensure that your home’s technology wiring is ready for any future projects.

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