Dedicated Theaters

Get the True Movie Experience from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The goal of a home theater experience is not simply to have a better quality picture or louder speakers, but instead to be immersive. When creating a home theater, you must consider how the room is designed to take you to another place, to immerse you in another world. To create this powerful experience, Digitech Custom will help you make key decisions and build the best possible home theater solution in your Carmel or Indianapolis-area home.

Let us tell you about our process 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Screen size is the first factor that we will help you determine. Based on your room size and the distance from which you will be viewing the screen, it’s important to consider every possible factor when building an amazing home theater experience. Our expert designers will create detailed schematics of your viewing space, and build recommendations on the best possible size for your screen, placement of your speakers, and location for seating.

How do I choose my screen size

An Experience Everyone Can See

You want to make sure that everyone participating in the home theater will have the best possible viewing experience. By considering sight lines and viewing angles, our team of experienced engineers will consider everyone watching, and make sure that each individual is as comfortable as possible to fully immerse themselves in the cinematic journey.

Keep it Clean

Beyond simply giving you the best possible viewing experience, we are going to help you make your home theater system not only a powerful, immersive reality, but we will help you manage all of the components through careful room design. Nothing’s worse than having cords visible, wires running across the floor, and remotes buried in the couch cushions. Instead, Digitech Custom will help you design a room that keeps your entire focus on immersing yourself in cinema. Our engineers will design your home theater with this philosophy, and bring you the ultimate in home movie enjoyment. Our room design process considers not only your electronics technology, but also considers hundreds of other factors.

Movies Are Evolving

In the modern era of cinema, the vast majority of movies are adopting the widescreen format for their image. Rather than the standard 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio of days past, movies instead are adopting an aspect ratio of 2:35. This wide-screen format is affecting the ways that traditional movie theaters present their movies, and we can help you recreate that powerful movie-going experience at home.

Listen to Our Advice

In addition to having the perfect viewing setup, the next critical part of a home theater is your audio experience. Having crystal clear, accurate sound is a key part of taking you from “entertained” to “immersed.” Getting speaker placement right is hard, and we are up to the challenge. Not only do we take into account your surround sound system, but we will also choose the perfect positioning of speakers for all viewers in the room and ensure that the subwoofer kicks the way it should. Along with all this, we take it another step further. Not only do we help you decide how the speakers will affect your experience, but we will also choose the appropriate acoustic wall paneling, which will direct the audio back into the room, creating the perfect, immersive audio experience.

Be In Control

If you are the only one who knows how to work your home theater system, it’s going to quickly become frustrating to be the technologist for the house. Rather than letting the homes technology become a chore, we will instead provide you with a state of the art control system, to make a relaxing night in just that. We offer control technologies that will suit any application, and they will remove all complexity of the home theater experience, allowing you to focus on the film.

Don’t Compromise on Perfection

Digitech Custom has hundreds of years of combined experience designing and installing custom solutions, and since we’ve been in business nearly 30 years, we know how the industry changes over time. We are going to work together with you to create a home theater experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family for a long time to come.

Hear Everything

In addition to expert layout and design of your dedicated home theater, we will also help you find the most innovative and powerful home audio equipment. Our current recommendation for an audio system is Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos goes beyond the “channel” approach of traditional surround sound systems by freeing the sound stage and allowing audio elements to be placed anywhere in the room, even above the audience. Dolby refers to this technology as “object-based” audio because any sound can be mixed as a single audio element—an object—that’s independently placed in three-dimensional space. Sounds are choreographed along with the onscreen action for an über-precise soundstage that makes you feel like you are truly there. The resulting home cinema experience becomes that much more rich, immersive and lifelike as the picture and sound are more closely woven together. With the ability to support up to 128 simultaneous objects, Dolby Atmos lets you experience a soundtrack as you would in a real-world environment.


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