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While it initially seems like a simple process to design a home media room, it can end up being quite a daunting task to get everything into just the right space in your Fishers or Noblesville-area home. Our experts at Digitech have over 200 years of experience designing home media rooms to take advantage of every inch of space that you have available, creating the ultimate in entertainment for your family and friends. We will help you choose the perfect screen size, place the speakers in the exact right place, and take advantage of lighting and home automation systems to create the perfect setup.

Screen Size and Placement

Screen size is the first factor that we will help you determine. Based on your room size and the distance from which you will be viewing the screen, it’s important to consider every possible factor when building an amazing home theater experience. Our expert designers will create detailed schematics of your viewing space, and build recommendations on the best possible size for your screen, placement of your speakers, and location for seating. In comparison to a dedicated home theater, it’s worth noting that a media room will have different design decisions; we’ll help you place the TV so that the maximum number of participants can view the T.V. from as many places in the room.

Speaker Placement

In addition to having the perfect viewing setup, the next critical part of a media room is the audio experience. Having crystal clear, accurate sound is a key part of taking you from “entertained” to “immersed.” Getting speaker placement right is hard, and we are up to the challenge. Not only do we take into account your surround sound system, but we will also choose the perfect positioning of speakers for all viewers in the room and ensure that the subwoofer kicks the way it should. Along with all this, we take it another step further. Not only do we help you decide how the speakers will affect your experience, but we will also choose the appropriate acoustic wall paneling, which will direct the audio back into the room, creating the perfect, immersive audio experience. Every media room is unique, and the Digitech Custom design consultants will help you take perfect advantage over your media room.

When it comes to media rooms, speaker placement can sometimes be tricky. Because media rooms are generally not focused on just the T.V., there are often architectural challenges that will need to be worked around. Windows, blinds, and supports can often be in the way of proper speaker placement, but Digitech Custom will work with you to make the most out of any room. If convenient, we will innocuously place speakers in the ceilings, on the walls, or encourage you to use a speaker bar, which has multiple speakers built into one if necessary.

Room Acoustics

When designing a room, one key element of speaker placement and audio design is understanding the acoustics of the room. The worst situation for a room is a high-ceiling room with all sheetrock walls. In this instance, what you’ll find is that the audio bounces around the room creating poor audio quality, even with excellent speaker systems. However, since this is not a dedicated home theater, and instead a media room, you’ll often have plants, curtains, windows, carpet, and other elements in the room that will help reduce any poor acoustics. Keeping all of that in mind, Digitech Custom will help arrange the speakers and elements of the room for the best possible acoustic properties, further immersing you in a powerful soundscape.

Electronics Protection

While it’s nice to hide away all of your electronics inside of cabinets or entertainment systems, danger lies in having too many electronics packed into one tight enclosure. This equipment all generates heat, and as a result, proper ventilation is required to keep the factory lifetime of the product intact. As such, our team of engineers will help develop a proper ventilation system for your media room electronics.


When you create an awesome media room, you want to be able to enjoy it at all times of the day. However, if you have sun bleeding in through the windows and making it hard to see your gear, it’s going to be frustrating. Digitech Custom will help you find the perfect solution for keeping your media room at the appropriate level of light so that all distractions are removed. Whether it’s curtains, window  tints, or even automated shades, we’ll provide you with best in class sun management.
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With great power comes great responsibility. Even though a media room creates hours of entertainment and fun, having trouble controlling the whole system is extremely frustrating. Luckily, working with Digitech, we will provide, setup, and train you on a state of the art home control system. Not only will you be able to control the T.V. and audio, but as well as the lighting, shades, home security and more. You will be able to take advantage of powerful technology to place your focus on what you care about most.

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