How Contemporary Lighting Design Can Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

Did you know that upgrading your home lighting design could not only save you money but also significantly decrease the amount of energy you use? When it comes to lighting your home, simple on/off light switches are no longer the best solution. In fact, one of our leading brands, Lutron, features several innovative solutions that reduce energy output, saving you money year after year.

So what exactly does upgrading your home lighting system entail? There are many solutions available—you can go as small as replacing your standard light switches with dimmers or as big as installing a whole new light management system. Both will save you money and energy almost instantly.


Lutron’s dimmers and keypads allow homeowners to control the amount of light their fixtures provide based on mood, situation—or most important, time of day. When natural light is filling your home, there’s no need to have your lights at maximum output.

Natural light is beneficial in many ways. It creates an inviting, aesthetically pleasing environment for your home interior, and it can also have positive effects on your health. Natural light contributes to your important daily dose of vitamin D and has been shown to improve focus and productivity.

Another way to capitalize on daylight is by using shades in conjunction with dimmers. Lutron recently unveiled new Cellular Shades that help create the perfect balance between natural and artificial light to save energy and create an inviting environment. Cellular Shades are available in varying opacities from sheer and translucent to room darkening—so you can choose just how dark and private you want your space to be.

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Benefits of Home Lighting Design Solutions

– Save energy
– Save money
– Enhance your décor
– Add convenience
– Extend light bulb life
– Help reduce America’s energy costs

Digitech Custom is also excited to offer additional lighting solutions including security lighting, a built-in time clock to adjust lighting for changing seasons and daylight savings, and a bedside all-on button for peace of mind at night.

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