How Scenes and Scheduling Can Elevate Your Home Lighting Design

How Scenes and Scheduling Can Elevate Your Home Lighting Design

Make the Most of Your Smart Home Lighting System with These Tips


It’s no secret: Smart lighting control can completely elevate your entire living space. At its core, smart lighting revolutionizes how you control your home’s lights – no longer are you confined to using only the bulky on/off wall switch; instead, you can turn every connected light in your house on or off through just the tap of a button from a smartphone application.

But did you know that you can do far more with a smart lighting system than just dim lights or turn them on and off remotely? With the right smart home lighting design, you can truly take the lighting within your house in the Carmel, Indiana area to the next level.

In this blog, we are going to highlight the power of lighting scenes and schedules and how they can elevate your Central Indiana living space. Find out more below!




Create the Perfect Look With Lighting Scenes

With a smart home lighting design and control system, such as one from one of our recommended brands Lutron, Control4 and Savant, you have the power to customize and program your favorite looks in every room of your house through “scenes.”

Scenes are preprogrammed commands into your system such as “Good Night” or “Good Morning,” as highlighted in the custom-engraved keypad shown above. When you press that button on your keypad (or click on that scene in your control system’s smartphone app), the lights in the designated room (or rooms) will adjust to your predefined levels.

The “Good Morning” scene, for example, can turn lights in on your bedroom, hallways and the kitchen, so as you make your way through the house as you start the day, you’re met with a brightened atmosphere. The “Good Night” scene, in contrast, can turn off every light in your house so that you aren’t wasting energy in unoccupied rooms during the overnight hours.

The best part about creating scenes in a custom home lighting design, though, is that you can build your own scenes that are entirely personalized to your preferences. Perhaps in your living room, you test brightness levels from your light fixtures and find the perfect balance between natural sunlight entering from your windows and artificial light from your fixtures. Instead of adjusting your lights every time to achieve that desired look, create a scene that saves the existing lighting levels and allows you to access them in the future with just the press of a button.


With Lutron, Control4 and Savant, there is an unlimited amount of lighting scenes you can create throughout your house – whether for movie night, dinners, casual relaxation or any activity you can think of. The options genuinely are endless.


Increase Convenience with Lighting Schedules and Automation

Of course, while you certainly can elevate the effectiveness of your smart lighting control system through the creation of custom scenes, you also can add automation to those scenes that makes daily life easier for you.

For example, perhaps you have created a “Welcome Home” scene that turns your first-floor and outdoor path lights on when you arrive home at night. Instead of relying on pressing that button on your smartphone app as you arrive home, geofencing technology associated with your smart home lighting system can automatically activate that scene for you as you arrive home.

Instead of relying on alarms to wake you up in the morning, schedule your “Good Morning” scene in place of your alarm – with your bedroom lights slowly brightening to begin your day on the right note. Integrate your home lighting design with motorized shades and home audio, as well, and you can create scenes that utilize several components of your smart home system. That “Good Morning” scene, for example, also can include your motorized shades automatically rising as you wake up and your favorite playlist starting your morning with music.


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