How to Take Your Dedicated Home Theater to the Next Level

How to Take Your Dedicated Home Theater to the Next Level

Enhance Every Viewing Experience with These Features

You might have a great space for your private cinema – with a 4K projector and roll-down screen and a superb surround sound system.

But are you looking to create a completely immersive experience for you and your friends when you sit down to watch the next blockbuster?

We dive into the best quality additions that will take home theater system to another level entirely!  Keep reading to see how you can truly elevate your Fishers, IN entertainment space.


Create the Right Atmosphere with Motorized Shades and Smart Lighting

Depending on where your theater is located, you could be dealing with large windows or a poorly lit room.  It’s horrible for the sun to shine through the glass and create a massive glare on the screen during a crucial scene.

Automated window treatments can ensure you never have to deal with such hassles again!  You can choose blackout shades to envelope you and the audience in darkness, and add another set of more aesthetically appealing shades for when the theater isn’t in use.

Pairing your shades with lighting control will also have a fantastic result.  Set your system to dim when the projector lowers and as everyone gets to their seats – or to turn off completely once the media begins.

Set the Scene with Thematic Seating and Décor

You can always go beyond the traditional theatrical-look for your space!  Consider changing up the design and style of your theater.

You could decorate the walls with favorite movie posters, change up the seating to reflect a movie’s world or setting, or install a candy counter to give it a 50s-drive-in feel.

There are multiple fabrics and designs for seating, and countless ways to make your custom home theater one that fits your specific style.

Fully Automate Your Theater

While you’re enjoying your favorite film or TV show, there’s nothing more irritating than having already sat down – but then have to get up again because you forgot to turn off the lights!  Or using various remotes to get the movie started. Or going through step after step after step just to get the right movie playing. The list goes on and on.

But a fully automated theater means you can sit back and enjoy your media – without stressing over the little things.

Simply press a button to lower your projector from the ceiling, roll down the screen and shades, and turn off the lights – all in one go!  Watching your movies and shows has never been easier.

Make your home the place to be for the next movie night!  If you want to learn even more about home theater systems and how you can go beyond the basics, give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with us – our team would love to hear from you.

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