Impressive Smart Home Design Ideas for Your Clients

Impressive Smart Home Design Ideas for Your Clients

Control4 Has Solutions to Elevate Any Space


When you’re building or designing a new space, you often find that not every client’s wishes are the same.

Each homeowner is unique in what they want out of a smart home and the technology incorporated into it.

That’s why in this blog, we’ll go through quite a few effective automation solutions to bring to your clients for their smart home designs. If you’re an architect or homebuilder in the Indianapolis area, you’ll certainly find some inspiration for your next project.

Read on below to learn more about smart features that Control4 has to offer to make your clients’ daily life a breeze.


Lighting Solutions

Maybe when you think of smart lighting control, you imagine one button can control everything – lights on, lights off, dimming, and brightening. But there are so many more options to give your clients.

When they arrive home late from work or just after the sun sets, their landscape lighting will know to brighten slowly as the night unfolds – letting them arrive at an illuminated property.  Then when the garage opens, lights can automatically turn on and create a safe pathway to the front door.

Another great feature is setting lighting “scenes.”  An example is a “bedtime” scene that sets every lamp near the bed at a low level, just right for nightly reading before falling asleep.

And if hunger strikes in the early morning? Getting a midnight snack will be easy and safe for them. Lights can turn on to illuminate the pathway to the refrigerator just low enough so as not to disturb the rest of the household.


Safety and Security

Lighting control technology can help keep family members safe on a daily basis, but so can more advanced smart security features.

You can give your clients better peace of mind over their family and home’s protection with an upgraded system.

Anytime a motion sensor on the property detects movement, strategically installed surveillance cameras can rotate to film the area and then send an instant notification to the homeowner’s smart device, so they know the moment something happens.

Pairing lighting control with a smart security system allows the family to give the illusion that they’re home even when they’re not – to steer intruders away. The lights will turn on and off throughout the day, mimicking their daily routines and activities and preventing their home from being a prime target for thieves.

If your clients need guests to visit or check in on pets while they’re gone, they can create temporary access codes. Once the guests put the code into the smart locks, it’ll alert the homeowners immediately so they’re always in the know.


Audio Video Features

Homeowners enjoy entertainment in their space when it runs smoothly and is easy to use.  These features guarantee to get them watching and listening to their media without any glitches.

Often times, a missing remote can ruin the fun and even delay a movie night for a while.  With a remote finder, they can triple press a light switch so that the remote will immediately start beeping for an easy find.

Once everyone has sat down and the film has started, a press of a button can make sure to lock the front and back doors while the family is occupied watching the show.

Even just setting up the entertainment space for viewing can be a “one-button-and-done” situation. The screen will descend or lift from a cabinet, the motorized shades will close, and the entire media system will turn on for use. It’s all in the homeowner’s control.


Want to learn even more about unique smart home designs you can provide for your clients?  Check out more tips and inspiration from Control4 here, and fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team of smart home technology installers.

We’ll partner with you for your next remodel or design project to bring the best of the best smart home technology to your clients’ homes.


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