Innovative Home Theater Trends from CEDIA 2019

Innovative Home Theater Trends from CEDIA 2019

New AV Solutions to Elevate Your Custom Home Theater

As CEDIA 2019 has officially wrapped, there are plenty of new smart technologies and features to check out for your smart home. And some trends that shouldn’t be overlooked are ones for your own custom home theater that ensure you’ll have the perfect viewing experience in your home at all times.

In this blog, we dive into some new offerings in the home theater industry that can take your Indianapolis, IN cinema to a brand-new level. Want to learn more about these AV solutions and how to create the ultimate viewing environment in your home? Keep reading on below.


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Stunning 8K Screens

Step up your theater visuals with 8K resolution that delivers vivid, crystal-clear image quality. At CEDIA Sony showcased its 85-inch and 98-inch MASTER Series 8K LDC TV. Stream your favorite movie or show on Netflix and enjoy the screen’s Netflix Calibrated Mode that optimizes all the media content from this streaming service. With its IMAX Enhanced features and the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate technology, an algorithm analyzes the specific content on screen in order to maximize the detail and contrast to create an immersive, vibrant image.

Samsung also has its own 8K flat-screen offering, their QLED screen that features 33 million pixels and is available in a variety of sizes, including up to a large 98-inch display. At four times the resolution of 4K, this screen delivers a life-like image that will take your breath away and bring you right into the middle of a suspenseful scene or action sequence in the movie you’re watching.

With Quantum HDR, your Samsung screen’s colors will be more brilliant and detailed. And with LED lighting up the screen directly behind it, there will be certain points that will light on and off depending on what the content is displaying. This gives you a level of quality and brightness like you’ve never seen, that is specific to your media of choice. This screen takes your cinematic experience above and beyond.


Epson Projector and Screen

More interested in a classic projector and screen combo for your theater? Epson had their 4K Pro-UHD projector on display at CEDIA, that offers an impressive image delivery for your next movie night at home.

With 2,600 lumens of brightness, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and Epson’s UltraBlack tech, this projector provides high contrast, detail, and color accuracy that’ll blow its viewers away. Epson’s VRX Lens Technology eliminates light leakage and uses the brand’s 15-element precision glass structure to provide incredible image sharpness and focus. Never go to the local town theater again with immersion and top-quality performance like that in your own home.

If you’re interested in bringing a custom home theater to your Indiana space with these new AV technologies from CEDIA included, working with our team of experts is the ideal next step. We can install the theater of your dreams that incorporates high-end AV equipment, and we’ll make strategic decisions that produce an end result to entertain you and your family for years to come.


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