Invisible Systems: Options for Hiding Televisions and Other Equipment

HidingTVDo you want the big picture and big sound, but don’t want to see the TV or the rest of your equipment when you aren’t using the system? The good news is that you don’t have to! By installing an ‘invisible system’, you don’t have to have a large television set and a stack of equipment constantly in view.

For the video part of your set up, the following products are available to conceal the display when they are not being used:

  • Motorized lifts for projectors and retractable screens that descend from the eiling for viewing, and then retract—out of sight—when they are not being used.
  • Motorized brackets that lift TVs out of a cabinet or lower them from an access door in the ceiling.
  • Mechanisms that hide a wall mounted TV with a painting when not in use.
  • TVs that have a mirrored surface that look like a normal mirror when the set is off, but the picture appears when you turn the set on.

Amplifiers, cable or satellite boxes, Blu-ray players and other components can be hidden in a cabinet or closet as it is now possible for both audio and video to be sent to the rest of the house from a central location. Years ago the idea of one central location for most of the electronics might not have such a good idea. In the past a significant percentage of the content that we viewed or listened to came to us on a disc or a tape and having to go to one location to load a tape or disc could be inconvenient. If you are still a heavy user of discs, you can have most of the hardware in a central closet or cabinet and then sprinkle a few players throughout your home for convenience.

For cabinets and closets there are a wide variety of racks and shelves available. There are racks that can even extend out and then rotate, like a lazy Susan, so that changing components or checking wiring is quick and easy.

Some equipment, such as amplifiers, can get quite hot, so don’t forget to have adequate ventilation. Many companies make thermostatically controlled fan systems that vent the hot air out and keep the equipment in the cabinets and closets cool.

To control your system, there are remotes that can operate from anywhere in your home. Additionally, your installer can set it up so that you can use your smartphones and/or tablet to access everything. Interested in learning more? Give us a call. We can design and install the right invisible system for your home and lifestyle.

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