Is It Time to Upgrade Your Network Equipment?

If you’re a small business owner or a tech-savvy homeowner, you understand the importance of a reliable and secure computer network. But sometimes, network maintenance falls by the wayside as other business concerns take priority. Other times, business needs outgrow the original equipment. We suggest doing a quick inventory to determine if it’s time to upgrade your network equipment—not only will it boost productivity, you might save a few bucks too.


The technology and capability of routers is constantly changing and improving. If the majority of your electronics and handheld devices are wireless, it’s time to upgrade. If streaming video (particularly HD video,) or downloading music or documents is a large part of your day-to-day routine, a quality router is worth the extra investment.

Secondly, not all routers are made equal. Some can’t handle multiple computer connections. As your needs change, make sure your network’s components also grow with you.


Wireless Network Adapter

If your wireless adapter is bigger than a stick of gum, it’s time for you to upgrade. Gone are the days of large, clunky adapters—instead, adapters are now small, sleek, and powerful. And if drumming your fingers while waiting for an email to send is a daily occurrence, check out some newer models.

Network Switch

Without getting too technical, a network switch essentially keeps traffic from colliding and keeps bandwidth at a high level. If your configuration currently employs a switch, make sure it has the necessary capacity to support your network. Digitech Custom can help determine if you need a network switch—and what type is best for you.

Additional Reasons to Upgrade Your Network Equipment:

  • Experiencing slow connectivity
  • Need to increase wireless range and speed
  • Repeated dropped connections
  • Desire to increase security
  • Adding new devices to your current configuration
  • Adding users to the network

When it comes to home networking, Digitech Custom is a leader in the field. To set up an appointment to discuss your custom needs around network equipment, contact us today.

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