Keep an Eye on Your Commercial Property at All Times

Keep an Eye on Your Commercial Property at All Times

An Access Control System Can Enhance Your Property’s Security

Safety is a main priority for anybody.  And if you own apartments or any type of living units, you know it’s a lot of ground to cover for security purposes.

So how can you guarantee only those who live in your complexes are accessing your amenities and are the only ones able to get into the actual living areas?

To keep your Carmel, IN property secure, your best option is to utilize an access control system.

Keep on reading below as we go into the ways this component of a smart security system can give you a needed peace of mind for you and your residents.




Residents Only

It can be hard to steer away those who don’t live in your buildings when there is no system in place.

That’s where keycard panels can come into play.  Residents can use these for access to the main clubhouse, the pool, and other exclusively offered amenities.

There won’t be the need to fumble for keys or misplace them, or for multiple copies to be made and end up in the wrong hands.
You’ll secure your properties, and keep out unwanted guests and intruders – all the while still making it easy for residents to use and gain access to their apartment’s facilities.

Put Cameras in Place

Surveillance cameras can get a bad rap.  They can look obvious, bulky – and many think they’re only good for viewing footage after a disaster has happened.

But now you can install discreet and subtle cameras all over your property and manage them with ease.

View real-time videos on your smart device or laptop, giving you the ability to check in on all areas one at a time or side-by-side on the screen.

By tying in this security feature to your access control system, you can monitor residents entering and exiting the shared facilities, and continually check that nothing is amiss.

Also set up your alarm system to go off and to alert you immediately if someone tries to enter without a keycard or by other means.

You can relax knowing your units are constantly monitored and secure, whether you’re near or far away.

It can feel hard to get a grasp of security and protection over such a large property.  But an access control system can ensure that your apartment buildings and amenities are used, enjoyed, and available only to those who are supposed to be there.


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