Keep an Eye on Every Area of Your Property in Innovative Ways

Keep an Eye on Every Area of Your Property in Innovative Ways

Visualint Surveillance System Catches Everything


Leaving your home unattended can be nerve-wracking.  If your home is left unoccupied, it could be a prime target for robbers and burglars.

So how can you ensure that your Indianapolis property is kept in good care no matter if you’re at home or away?

Read on for more about the various quality benefits and features of a Visualint Surveillance System, and how one can help give you a peace of mind whether you’re near or far away from home.




Analytics & Communication

Visulant cameras take what ordinary surveillance cameras can do and elevates them to the next level.  Unlike regular cameras that use light-based tracking, Visulant uses size-based object tracking.  This means your system can know the difference between a rabbit, dog, or human crossing your yard.

With the combination of standstill with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, your cameras can now communicate from one to the next.  The instant your still cameras sense movement, your PTZ ones will track the intruder from the moment they appear and won’t lose sight of them no matter where they go.

Your system can know when someone enters a specified area, such as your front yard or door.  You’ll get instant notifications and alerts if cars are parked outside your home for a pre-determined amount of time – preventing loitering or suspicious behavior.


Video Monitoring

What sets Visulant video monitoring apart from others is that it can distinguish between false alarms and real emergencies.  Professionals monitoring your home can help lower your insurance rates and have the police respond even faster.

Visulant offers a free service – Virtual Technician – that reduces false positives by 90 percent.  You won’t have to worry if a harmless animal sets off your alarms and police show up for a non-issue.  With Virtual Technician, you’ll have a professional on your side that makes sure only the serious cases need to be dealt with efficiently and properly.


Enhance Your Smart Home

The best part about the Visulant system?  It not only provides security, but can add on significantly to your home control system.

It can turn on lights in your backyard for a pool party or play music loudly for everyone to enjoy.  Have the lights turn on in your driveway automatically when you pull in, for increased safety and added curb appeal.  Your system can even identify cars and other vehicles that pull in, so you can know exactly who’s arriving at your home every time.


Want to learn more about a Visulant surveillance system and how it can enhance your property’s safety in every way?  Don’t rely on your standard security system.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team to see how a Visulant system could fit into your living space.  We’d love to hear from you!



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