Let Your Style Shine with Home Lighting Design from Digitech

Let Your Style Shine with Home Lighting Design from Digitech

Digitech Custom Audio and Video Lights up Your Home with Smart Lighting

Did you know that Digitech Custom offers home lighting design services for new-construction properties in the Indianapolis, Indiana area? Our designers and project managers will work with your architect and electrical contractor to transform ordinary lighting into an elegant system that enhances your home’s beauty.

During this design process, we review your home’s plan, lay out lighting circuits and detail a lighting plan for sconces, chandeliers, floor lighting and more – and provide the controls for those fixtures as well. Keep reading to see how Digitech Custom Audio and Video can transform your new’s home lighting design from ordinary to incredible.

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We’re Design-Focused.

With someone on staff with a prestigious certification from the ALA (American Lighting Association), Digitech Custom can help you achieve a well-strategized lighting plan for your newly built home. Design goals vary, but well-placed home lighting always lets your style shine while creating your ideal atmosphere.

For some, this means enjoying a traditional look with luxurious chandeliers and elegant sconces. Other clients want a modern, industrial look with exposed bulbs and clean lines. Since Digitech Custom also installs audio and video, we can make sure your equipment blends in – or stands out – depending on your preference. We know that every detail matters, so we custom design everything to match or complement your cherished pieces.

We’re Lutron Partners

We hold the distinction of being one of the most experienced Lutron dealers in Indiana, so we know how the product suite works to build beautiful lighting in your smart home. Digitech Custom has expert installers, designers and customer service agents at your helm, guiding your home lighting with precision and expertise.

A new home build gives us a prime opportunity to install wired Lutron controls, like the top-of-the-line HomeWorks QS system, to ensure complete integration and 24/7 reliability. If you prefer wireless Lutron controls, loved for their scalability, we can help set those up too. We’ll discuss the benefits of each with you in our first meeting. Either way, we can help you explore customizable, whole-home lighting that allows you to use brightness and color tones to optimize the look of any room.

Since Lutron acquired Ketra lighting, you can look forward to enhancing your home to look beautiful and make you feel better. Ketra’s LED bulbs and fixtures coincide with your natural, circadian rhythm to simulate lighting throughout the day; with cooler hues in the morning to keep you focused and warmer tones at night. Not to mention, you can program illumination scenes with playful colors for any party.

We’re Certifiably Good with Customers

Our Home Technology Association certification backs up our claims that we value our customers, promote positive business practices and ensure the most attractive lighting designs based on the unique needs of every client. The HTA goes through an extensive process before granting certifications, and it’s not easy to qualify for such an honor.

You can trust Digitech Custom to listen to your needs and provide the lighting that matches your specifications. We’ve proven our expertise in designing everything from home theaters to whole-home automation systems – always with a friendly touch and an unparalleled customer satisfaction rate.

We Care About the Environment

As lndiana’s home lighting design experts, we take pride in helping prepare your home for LED fixtures as well. LEDs achieve better energy efficiency and also allow you to enjoy the color tones you desire throughout your house.

Did you know that replacing incandescent bulbs alone can reduce your energy spending by 75 percent? That’s not the only benefit, either. Lutron daylight sensors can detect brightness outside and adjust lights accordingly. So, during the brightest part of the day, the lights might dim, conserving natural resources.

Lighting Design, Reimagined

At Digitech Custom, we live to give our customers beautiful, sustainable lighting options through our meticulous design services. We believe home lighting can maximize the look and feel of any space, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do.


Curious about how our home lighting design services can transform your new Indianapolis property? Just contact us here or chat live with us below to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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