Lutron Reveals Just How Much Energy We Are Wasting

Lutron Reveals Just How Much Energy We Are Wasting

Have you ever thought about how much electricity you use in the average day? We’re constantly surrounded by our smartphones and computers, but there’s one electronic device you use might not even notice just how often you’re using: lightbulbs! Think of how many times you use some kind of light every day. Whether you spend the day in an office, running errands in town, or even if you’re just hanging out at home, chances are, you leave the lights on way more than you’d like to admit.

Lutron decided to find out just how much energy we’re wasting just when it comes to home lighting, and the results may surprise you. The results of their survey not only showcased how much lighting energy the average American household is using, but also who’s most likely to blame for leaving the lights on. They even created an easy-to-read infographic that breaks down all the details of their research.

In order to combat America’s wasteful habit, Lutron’s lighting control products provide a way for you to easily manage all the lights in your home, in order to live a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

  • DIMMERS – Available in a variety of color and style options, Lutron’s dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting in your home to a level that works for you. Working on a project, reading a book, or cooking up something delicious at home? Keep the lights shining bright where you need them, but on those nights where you just want a soft glow, use the dimmer for a no-hassle night-light.
  • DAYLIGHT SENSORS – You know those summer mornings where you wake up to the bright sun shining brilliantly through your windows? Lutron Radio Powr Savr sensors can sense daylight levels in any room of your home, and then send a wireless signal to your lighting system to shut off and save its energy for a rainy day.
  • OCCUPANCY SENSORS – Whether you’re constantly on the go, or you accidentally fall asleep with all the lights on in the house, Lutron Occupancy/Vacancy sensors use motion sensing technology in order to save energy and cut the lights when no one’s around.


When it comes to your home, what room of the house do YOU think wastes the most light energy?

A: Bedroom

B: Kitchen

C: Hallway

D: Bathroom



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