Nora Recessed Lights Add Sophistication to Indiana Homes

Nora Recessed Lights Add Sophistication to Indiana Homes

How to Update Your Fishers Home with Lighting Control

What makes one lighting fixture different from another? If you are going to work with a local Fishers, IN professional, it’s worth it to take the time to examine your options. After, all you’re investing in your home and you want it to not only perform right, but also look beautiful. Can lighting, or recessed lighting, is a great option for families who want the convenience of lighting control and the beauty of new, LED lighting fixtures. Read on to learn more.

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Nora Lighting

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying Nora Lighting, which is one of the lighting industry’s leading designers and suppliers of energy efficient lighting systems for both commercial and residential applications. Digitech Custom Audio Video uses Nora Lighting fixtures since they are a quality manufacturer that offers products that have easy installation and great performance. They’re commitment to excellence is evident in the different products they offer, including retrofit, LED, accent lighting and more.

Nora’s latest advancement in lighting technology is their line of LED products that can be dimmed and installed in both newly constructed homes and remodels. These high-performance fixtures provide ample light while reducing energy output and staying cool. They have up to 50,000 hours of lamp life at 70% lumen output. Their new RGB color-changing tap also allows homeowners to add a new spectrum of colors to their spaces

What are the benefits of using Nora lighting?

One of the biggest reasons can lights are used is because they give your home a nice clean and sleek look. Not only do they not take up extra physical space, but they also take up less visual space so your eye isn’t drawn to the fixture. They are ideal for large areas like living rooms and small spaces like closets.

Yet some can lights in older homes don’t look uniform and can be difficult to maintain. With our new Nora lighting fixtures, you won’t be able to see up into the ceiling when you look at the can light. The bulb will fit perfectly into the wall and all of the fixtures will look exactly the same. Not only do these lights have a cleaner look, but they are also easy to replace since the light just snaps into the ring. Old incandescent lights must be screwed in, but Nora’s take seconds to install.

Can lights are also very versatile. The housing is a metal canister that is hidden in the ceiling.  The trim (also called a flange) is made of metal so it has a more elegant look than its plastic counterparts, and it comes in different colors.

Overall, we recommend Nora can lights because they look beautiful, are energy efficient, and they have great color accuracy. We are confident they would make a great addition to your Indiana home.

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