Is More Than One Subwoofer Necessary?

Is More Than One Subwoofer Necessary?

JL Audio Subwoofers Elevate your Home Audio and Entertainment

When you’re enjoying a new film in your custom home theater or listening to a new album from your favorite artist in the media room or dedicated listening room, you want the highest level of audio performance available. Complete immersion is ideal.

But how does your home audio setup come into play over this? For true high-fidelity sound and bass, do you really need more than one subwoofer?

In this blog, we’ll dive into JL Audio speakers and systems, and why bass is a critical component of a home audio installation and setup in your Noblesville, IN space. Learn why you need to feel your audio, not just hear it!


Keep reading below to see what misconceptions many homeowners have when it comes to their audio, and how we can enhance yours with the right installations.

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Does the “.1” subwoofer channel in multi-channel audio mean you only need one subwoofer?

The “.1” actually refers to a dedicated Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel that you’ll find in many surround mixes. This setup doesn’t include the entirety of the bass in the whole audio mix. And if there is no subwoofer, the surround recording’s LFE channel audio is then played back through the system’s speakers.

Then, when there is one subwoofer or more – the LFE channel audio is delivered to the subwoofers on its own or combined with the low frequencies that are in the other audio channels as well.


Is bass non-directional, or can you put the subwoofer anywhere you’d like?

Bass below 80 Hz is, indeed, pretty hard to localize in a set listening room. It can certainly be non-directional in a large space such as a commercial cinema or sports arena – but in a smaller area like your media room or dedicated listening space, the walls and boundaries will reflect low-frequency sounds in a disjointed, uneven way.

This bouncing around of low-frequency sounds creates louder frequencies in some areas of the room, while other frequencies are canceled out or sound weaker elsewhere. It all goes back to a room’s acoustics.

The subwoofer then comes in to save the day – meaning its placement is highly critical, as is your placement as the listener. With the right placement from a professional installation and top equalization technology usage, you can optimize the space for a single listening setup.

JL Audio’s Digital Automatic Room Optimization (DARO) analyzes the frequency response of the bass where you’re listening from, and applies EQ filters to eliminate any frequency ranges that add too much energy to the space – this smooths out the bass response and makes the sound performance as a whole sound crystal-clear.


Are multiple subwoofers meant for audiophiles?

Top-quality bass isn’t about loud booming volumes of sound – if that were the case, you could fill a room with tons of subwoofers and call it a day. When we recommend more than one subwoofer, we recommend distributing the low-frequency energy sources throughout the room.

If the bass is coming from more than one source in different spots, the bass response errors that are usually caused by reflected energy instead interact with the room and the listening position differently for each individual subwoofer. This then averages the overall frequency response, giving you smoother bass for every listening position.

With the added DARO, you’ll then have high-end, reference-quality bass in nearly every listening spot in a larger space. This difference between one and two subwoofers then makes a world of difference.

Multiple subwoofers also lower the low-frequency distortion and improve dynamics much more than a single subwoofer would. Your individual subwoofers will work far less for the output level you’re requiring, by staying well within its linear operating range.

But how about more than two subwoofers?

As you properly add and calibrate more than two subwoofers in a room or listening space, you will definitely notice audio performance improvements for your media; going over four is unnecessary. We consider the step from one subwoofer to two as the addition that will drastically change your auditory experience.


Elevate every movie night or new album release with JL audio subwoofers. Want to learn more about them and how a professional home audio installation can transform your entertainment? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our team would love to hear from you!

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