Paradigm’s Oasis Outdoor Speakers: Everything You Need to Know

Paradigm’s Oasis Outdoor Speakers: Everything You Need to Know

Improve Your Outdoor Entertainment System with This Solution

Why keep the tunes and music inside this summer? With the lovely weather and time-off with friends and family, you can take the opportunity to enhance your outdoor entertainment system at your Indianapolis, IN home.

We recommend the Paradigm Oasis Outdoor Speakers for your backyard and patio, for high-end audio performance and sleek design. These speakers can withstand any weather the elements can throw at them, and still produce incomparable sound throughout your outdoor spaces. Want to learn more about these top-quality speakers? Just keep reading on below.

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High-End Quality, Outdoors

No matter what event you’re hosting this summer, you can liven the mood with your favorite tunes playing through the Oasis speakers. Paradigm’s innovative Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED) technology involves a tweeter housing that reduces diffraction effects, while at the same time giving midrange frequencies a boost in an expansive outdoor area.

Powering your speakers with the Crown Amplifier only heightens their sound performance. With this amp powering the speakers, you can expect enriched and high-end audio to fill up your backyard and reach every person in the vicinity.

Never miss a detail in the big game, and never strain to hear the dance tunes you play while firing up the grill. Your Oasis speakers have Paradigm’s advanced technologies and top audio quality to immerse you in your media and impress your friends this season, while you entertain them in your own backyard.


Completely Scalable

Paradigm’s Oasis is their first landscape loudspeaker system, designed to deliver impeccable audio from one end of your yard to the other – and ensuring every guest hears the music and media it’s playing.

From the satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers to the powerful amplifier, the Oasis sound system can cover your entire yard – no matter how big or small. As Oasis is a scalable solution, you can start off with just a few speakers and expand to more audio equipment later on.

Our team can place speakers anywhere around your outdoor property. The speaker mount’s “Quick Twist Cap” makes it easy to install and place the products all throughout your yard quickly and with the flexibility to choose where you want them. With the ability to mount them on the ground, under eaves, or on your deck and in the trees, you are guaranteed to have complete sound coverage.


Ultimate Weather Protection

Never worry if the weather will pose a threat to your high-end outdoor speakers. Your Oasis speakers can withstand rain and intense heat, making splashes from the pool and extreme temperatures a non-issue.

But what about during the winter, when you’re not outside as much enjoying your speakers, and the weather can get icy cold. You can add another layer of protection to the Oasis by putting water-tight rubber covers onto the speakers. Now ice and snow, and even flooding won’t cause any harm or damage to your equipment in the off-season.
Want to learn even more about the Oasis outdoor speakers from Paradigm? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you.

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