Power Your Summer Parties with Whole House Audio

Power Your Summer Parties with Whole House Audio

Tips for Adding Music to Your Outdoor Spaces

A party isn’t complete without music, but what if you want to lounge by the pool or sunbath on the deck with some tunes? There are many Bluetooth, wireless outdoor speakers but many of them have fuzzy sound, distortion, and die on you after a few hours. Our solution is a whole house audio system, complete with professional outdoor audio solutions. When you work with a local Westfield, IN dealer, you have access to quality audio products that will last and perform perfectly in any weather. Here’s our summer guide to audio.


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Waterproof Speakers

Outdoor speakers have been designed to block out moisture, so you can place them beside the pool, hot sub, or anywhere outside and not have to worry about the water ruining them. There are also special speakers that can operate under water, so you can jump in the pool and still hear songs loud and clear. Surround any area with speakers and you can relax with some music any time of the year.


Weather Resistant Speakers

What about the temperature outside? Our audio solutions can survive in the coldest and hottest temperatures. They use a special UV-resistant coating that prevents the speakers from overheating. It also prevents the grill and exterior from rusting or breaking down from the ice and snow. So, you can use them in the middle of the summer when it’s 90 degrees outside or when it’s cooler.


Invisible Speakers

We place the outdoor speakers in your foliage so they become practically invisible. Some subwoofers can even be installed underground so they can’t be seen by the naked eye. If you have a garden, bushes, or thick green grass, you can put our audio systems among your greenery and not even notice them.


Wireless Controls

You’ll certainly look like a pro when you jump out of the pool, take out your smartphone and change the music station with an app on your phone. We have a number of different controls you can use such as an in-wall touch panel, remote control, or app on a mobile device. You’ll be able to adjust the volume, change playlists, and add other smart home features to you automated scenes. Create a scene called “pool party” and as soon as you press a button, listen to the music start the play, the lights around your patio turn on, and the hot tub jets start working. Smart home technology surely makes summer fun easy to plan and enjoy.


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