Protect Your Data with the Right Smart Home Design

Protect Your Data with the Right Smart Home Design

A Stable Network Connection is Essential

More than likely, your home has multiple smart technologies and devices running at the same time throughout your space and potentially through your automation system. These types of technologies range from your smartphone, tablets and laptops to your 4K smart TVs, wireless security cameras and other internet-connected devices.

With someone watching a Netflix show in the living room, the kids using tablets to stream YouTube videos in their rooms and you scrolling through the news on your phone – there is no doubt that your home’s network works hard to keep every device up and running.

And if your network isn’t robust or doesn’t have the proper safety protocols in place, your personal data and information could be at risk every time someone logs in online and hits play.

This is why you need a top-notch smart home design at your Indianapolis-area property in order to maintain your privacy and safety and to keep everything well-connected.

Keep on reading below to see why upgrading your network connection and improving your home’s infrastructure can elevate your daily life and give you peace of mind.


A Secure Connection at All Times

Whenever someone in your home accesses the internet from any type of device, your home becomes vulnerable to security threats.

Consider the fact that if your Wi-Fi network is unprotected, anyone within the vicinity of your property can access your network and easily steal any valuable information. Even password-protected wireless networks are vulnerable to external threats.

You can significantly diminish the possibility of potential hackers stealing your identity or other valuable assets by strengthening your home network. As Indiana’s leading smart home design experts, we consider the network one of the most vital components of any modern home’s infrastructure.

So, how can you ensure your data remains safe? Firstly, we can conduct a network analysis that determines the strength of your current network security system. From there, we can help develop a plan geared toward protecting your data and your smart devices.

Installing built-in firewalls to your network keeps your important documents and other files protected and out of unwanted hands. With these firewalls in place, you can have built-in protection every time someone logs onto a website or opens their phone while using your network.

To continually keep these devices secure, you’ll want to make sure your network’s firmware is up to date. This process prevents any hackers from finding weak entry points to find and steal your personal information.

When our team updates your home network, we can add remote monitoring services so that you don’t have to worry about whether your network remains updated and secure.

We take a proactive stance to network security, ensuring that your firewalls and firmware throughout your network is up-to-date and protected. That way, your data stays safe – and if any issues ever arise, we are quick to fix them before you potentially even notice.

A Secure Network Means Stability

While we understand that all internet connections can’t be through a hardwired source, we strongly recommend a wired internet connection whenever possible.

Not only is a wired connection more reliable, but it also is more secure due to its physical connection to your network infrastructure.

That said, we also know that not every device in your home can be hard-wired to your network – such as your smartphone or tablet. In these cases, it’s essential that your wireless network is secure enough so that anyone trying to intercept your communications or steal your data is unable to do so.

You can deter those potential criminals through ensuring your network security is always up-to-date, with updated firewalls, secure passwords and more.

Our team can help you accomplish this through building a robust and secure network infrastructure while also helping you select the best network hardware available to you.

Only an upgraded network and quality smart home design with the right securities and protocols in place can guarantee your data’s protection. Want to learn more about bringing this level of defense to your home?


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