Smart Door Locks for Stress-Free Security from Yale Real Living

Smart Door Locks for Stress-Free Security from Yale Real Living

Imagine coming home from work late one night in the rain. You forgot your keys, and your front light is burned out. You fumble for the right key, then you drop your keys in a puddle. Isn’t there a better way?

If this situation sounds familiar, you may want to consider a keyless entry system. Stop fumbling with keys, and take the next step in creating a seamless digital home with a Control4 door locks system from Yale Real Living. A Control 4 system is a digital keyless entry system for your home or office, or for any other standard doors.

The Benefits of Control4 and Yale Door Locks

A smart door lock system such as Control4 door locks offers many different attractive features for the residential or commercial customer. Choose from a more standard push button system or an elegant touch screen system to enter your code. Leave the keys at home, and simply push in your code into the lighted keypad to gain entry at any time of day or night.

A smart door lock system is just that – smart. Other features include the ability to program the locks on your home or office to lock or unlock at certain times, or you can control the locks remotely from many internet-enabled device. You can also set up your system to determine who enters and leaves each door and at what time, in case you need help tracking teenage curfews or employee lunch breaks. You can even program Control4 door locks to send an alert to your mobile phone to alert you if the doors are unlocked, or if a particular person enters the premises.

A smart door lock system offers convenience, security, and smart technology for your digital home. Imagine not needing to worry about digging your keys out or fumbling for the right key. Imagine a more user-friendly system for employee entrance and exit. Imagine not having to worry that your child lost their house key on the way home from school. Simplify your life today with a Control4 door locks system for your integrated digital home.

Freedom is placed at your fingertips with Yale Real Living—the next generation of home security locks from Yale®, a trusted name in security since 1840. As part of Control4 home system, owners experience a new type of ‘real living’, the lock becomes the first point of contact for home control on any door the lock is installed.

Experience ‘real living’ possibilities—Enter a user code to enable a welcome scene that disarms the security system, activates lights, and even adjust the thermostat. Know when family members or friends come and go and have the ability to remotely lock or unlock your doors. The lock ensures that your home is always secure. You’re in control with Yale Real Living!

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Features & Benefits

  • Available in two styles: elegant acrylic touchscreen or durable push button key pad
  • Available in three designer finishes—polished brass, oil rubbed bronze permanent, and satin nickel
  • Privacy mode locks out the keypad ensuring security
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors from any web-enabled device – requires 4Sight subscription
  • Receive text or email messages to your cell phone from pre-programmed alerts—requires 4Sight subscription
  • Program user access by date and time, confirm the status and remaining battery life of your locks

Technical Specifications

  • Yale Deadbolt Keypad, Bright Brass—Model No: ZYA-YRLD210ZB605
  • Yale Deadbolt Keypad, Oil Rubbed Bronze—Model No: ZYA-YRLD210ZBOBP
  • Yale Deadbolt Keypad, Satin Nickel—Model No: ZYA-YRLD210ZB619
  • Yale Deadbolt Touch Screen, Bright Brass—Model No: ZYA-YRLD220ZB605
  • Yale Deadbolt Touch Screen, Oil Rubbed Bronze—Model No: ZYA-YRLD220Z0BP
  • Yale Deadbolt Touch Screen, Satin Nickel—Model No: ZYA-YRLD220ZB619
  • Warranty replacement is through Yale Locks and Hardware and not through Control4.

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