Smart Home

Smart Home

The Smart Home idea began with the realization that modern homes have many “systems” that perform different functions.  There’s the Heating and Cooling system (HVAC), the Security system, the Lighting Control system, the Entertainment system, Motorized Shades, sometimes even the Irrigation system. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get them to share information and work together?   That would make things easier to operate, make them more efficient, save energy, provide greater safety – wouldn’t it?  Well, maybe…

Home Automation is only limited by your imagination

At Digitech Custom, we know how intimidating that can sound. Questions flood over us as we realize that a million possibilities mean we have to make a million decisions. Questions like:  What can I control?  Are there different control systems?  Which is right for me?  Are there things I shouldn’t control?  If so, why not?  Is there a downside to all this? There has to be, right? And finally, where do I even begin?

Relax!  We’re here to help

We want to put the power of home automation in your hands, and to do so, we often have to start with a bit of education about what’s possible. From there we can work toward determining what’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Automation at its best

Watching a movie is a great example of the convenience home automation can provide.  The press of a single button can dim the lights, lower the shades, turn on the theater equipment, and adjust the temperature. Another button might prepare the home for entertaining guests by setting the lights, starting the music and lighting the fireplace.

Energy Savings and Added Security

A smart home is a more efficient home. Smart thermostats can help lower heating & cooling costs. Lighting controls can reduce energy use as well, resulting in significant savings. It’s also a more secure home. Your smart security system can allow you to remotely control the locks in the house, view the property via webcams and even sound the alarm if necessary. It’s a lot to take in, for sure. But, don’t be daunted!  A well-planned, user-friendly smart home system can be an amazing asset in terms of lifestyle enhancement. Let us help by kick starting your imagination and guiding you through the options.

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