Automated Window Treatments


In addition to traditional lighting control, Digitech Custom Audio video offers state-of-the-art window covering systems that can also control natural light. Shades, drapes, blinds and screens can all be controlled in the same way as lighting fixtures – allowing us to use natural light to enhance activities, create mood, and add to the enjoyment of your home. Lighting and shading controls work together to save you money, time, and energy throughout the year in your Carmel or Indianapolis area home.

Precise Control and Convenience

By controlling natural light we can give you the perfect lighting environment any time of the day, night, or time of year.  Control of the entire shading system can be brought to a keypad, phone or tablet and can be as simple as the push of a button. Adjustments can be programmed and done automatically – whether you are at home or away.

Beauty, Elegance and Ambiance

Drapes, blinds and shades play a huge role in the appearance of the home. There is no need to sacrifice design to get the automatic functions shading control offers. Stylish fabric options enhance the appearance of your home, while innovative technology helps select the correct amount of light for a particular activity. In addition, multiple shades or blinds can align within a fraction of an inch to create a balanced, beautiful look to a row of windows.

Energy Savings

Shading systems can save energy!  Effective use of shades can reduce the need for artificial light and make your home more energy efficient.  Preset modes like “Winter warm” opens the shades, taking advantage of natural sunlight to help warm your home.  “Summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain.  The end result is lower overall heating and cooling costs.

Reduce Glare and Protect Furnishings

Shading systems can block or diffuse light to prevent glare from washing out a television or computer screen. They also protect furniture, fine art, rugs and even wood surfaces from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

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