Distributed Video

Many homes these days contain multiple digital cable boxes, DVRs, TiVo boxes, etc. Maybe you even have or want one for each person in the home so they can record and watch all their shows on their own box. In these situations, having a distributed video system is a must. This way, any recorded shows can be viewed from any box on any television at any time in the home.

Additionally, a distributed video system will allow other types of video to be routed to each television as well. This could include HD sources such as Blu-ray, closed circuit sources such as a front-door security camera, or stored video from a media server such as those from Kaleidescape and Control4.

Distributed video systems are usually centralized with all the components held in a rack or hidden away in a cabinet. Wire is then ran to all necessary television locations from this central location. These days, we are distributing video over CAT5, RG-6, or RGB wire with a CAT5 for control. Each type of wire has its own advantages and limits. Different distributed video systems will also have their own advantages and limits. When you talk with a Digitech representative, we will be sure to discuss and analyze your needs to find the right system to fit with your home and budget.