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Home control is limited only by your imagination. Now, we at Digitech know how intimidating that can sound. What can I control? What is a home control system? Where do I even begin? We want to put the power of smart home automation into your hands, and to do so, sometimes it’s important to start with a little bit of learning so that we can together know what is possible with home automation.

With the level of automation available in Indianapolis homes today, reproducing the perfect scene in a room can be as easy as pressing a button. For instance, a “theater” scene might lower the shades, turn down the temperature 3 degrees, turn down the lights, and turn on theater equipment. “Entertain” might dim lights to 60%, turn on the whole house audio system, and turn on the fireplace. The options extend just about as far as the imagination, and Digitech can work with our designers and clients to create scenes that turn their vision into reality.

Beyond entertainment and convenience, a smart home can also provide security and energy efficiency. Our home security and surveillance systems will tie in to your home automation systems and give you peace of mind whether you’re at home in Carmel, IN or out for the weekend in Westfield, IN. You can have control over all of the locks on the house, be able to connect to webcams to check in on your belongings, or even sound the alarm if you need to. In addition to security, a smart home is a more efficient home. With smart thermostats that can be programmed to follow cycles throughout the day, or automatically turn down the house when you leave, you’ll find that the energy efficiency of your home will increase dramatically, because the thermostat will only make it comfortable inside your home when it needs to, saving costs on heating or cooling empty space.

This is a lot to take in. With home automation, there are so many possibilities that it’s hard to imagine what all could be accomplished. To give you an idea of where to begin, take a look at some of the following possibilities:

  • Security Systems & Access Control — Arm/Disarm security system from a remote location, control the garage door and door locks, and even check the status and control your system online while you are away.
  • Home Theater & Entertainment — That mountain of controllers you are collecting in your cabinet? Combine them under one intelligible design, making the complex simple and taking the intimidation factor out of today’s intuitive electronic systems.
  • HVAC — Control your environment wirelessly and design your heating and air conditioning around the times you and your family actually spend in the home, significantly saving on gas and electricity.
  • Lighting Control —  Save on energy and extend bulb life. Group lights together to form pathways. Set scenes for entertainment, day/nighttime use, mood lighting, etc. “All On” Feature for security at night. Virtually limitless set of keypad styles, finishes, and colors.
  • Shading Control — Drapes, Shades, Fireplaces, Screens, Fans: the list goes on.

This is a lot to take in, we know. But don’t be intimidated! Give us a call, and we’ll help kickstart your imagination as to what could be possible with your Indiana space. A well-executed smart home system can be an amazing asset in terms of lifestyle enhancement, and we want to see you have a home that you could have only imagined.

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