Whole House Music


If music is part of your life, why not enjoy it everywhere in your Indiana home? It’s easier than ever before to bring your favorite music to the bedroom, the pool, the library and the kitchen. Play the music simultaneously, independently, from your phone – the possibilities are endless! A whole house audio system can simplify your home and expand your music options at the same time.

Modern Music Sources

Music services such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius/XM, Napster, TIDAL and TuneIn radio give you access to an almost unlimited selection of all types of music and programming – instantly!  Digitech Custom can make that music available to any area of the house, with control as simple as a local keypad or even a smartphone app.  Different music can be playing in multiple rooms at the same time, giving everyone in your Indianapolis area home independent control.

Speakers for All Applications

We offer a wide variety of high-quality speakers for almost any application and budget.  Weatherproof for outdoors; in-wall, in-ceiling, or invisible when you want to make them disappear; studio-quality for high-performance applications; and timeless speakers that you can feature – as you would a fine piano.

The Technology

Speakers – Direct wiring is the most common method of connecting speakers. It’s efficient, effective and reliable. In new construction, we can easily provide connections for speakers anywhere in the home. In existing homes, we can still reach almost any location. Our technicians are skilled at running wires where you might not think possible. For those unreachable locations, wireless speakers are a promising option. Strides have been made in wireless technology, providing good speaker systems that require no speaker wiring at all.

Hardware – Centrally located in an area that provides access for service, but is otherwise out of sight and out of the way.

Controls – Music selection and volume control throughout your home can take many forms. Smartphones and tablets are now common interfaces, but keypads and touchscreens are also very popular.

Digitech Custom can help you select the best whole house audio for your home, budget, and taste.

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